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AIR TRAVEL air travel icon
06/14/17: TSA Tests Fingerprint Scans at U.S. Airports to Replace IDs
06/14/17: Average U.S. Roundtrip Ticket Price Remains Steady in 2017
06/07/17: 3 In-Flight Tech Improvements Passengers Should Know from Honeywell's Dallas Demo
05/31/17: American Travelers Express Greater Satisfaction with Airport Security Compared to Last Year
05/24/17: Airlines for America Projects Summer Air Travel to Grow 4%
05/17/17: A4A Airlines Will No Longer Remove Boarded Passengers from Aircraft
04/19/17: Electric Cars are Nice, But Boeing, Jet Blue See Electric Airplanes on the Horizon
04/12/17: U.S. Airlines Show Improvement in Annual Study
03/29/17: Alaska Airlines and Virgin America Share Vision for the Combined Carrier
03/22/17: Financing Future Prosperity - Airport Operators Work with Governments to Incentivize Infrastructure Investment
03/15/17: Expect Low-Cost, Long-Haul Airlines to Keep Growing, Trade Group Chief Says
03/08/17: Airlines Get Better Grades as Service Improves
03/01/17: United Announces 4 New Cities, 22 Non-Stop Routes
02/15/17: 2016 U.S. Flight Cancellation, Mishandled Baggage, and Bumping Rates Are Lowest in Decades
02/08/17: Schiphol Airport First to Try Out Shoe Scanners at Security Desks
02/08/17: Smartphones and Tablets Have Endangered the In-Flight Movie Screen
02/01/17: Warning: Your Free TSA PreCheck is About to Disappear
01/25/17: Airlines Add Flights to Houston for Super Bowl Fans
01/25/17: Eye Scans are Replacing Airline Boarding Passes
01/18/17: American’s Cheapest Fares Soon Won’t Include Access to Overhead Bins
01/18/17: Global In-Flight Wi-Fi Coverage Will Grow in 2017
01/11/17: JetBlue Becomes Only Airline with Free, High-Speed Wi-Fi at Every Seat
01/04/17: Airports Warn Passengers About New ID Requirements
12/21/16: Airports Rise to Challenge of Higher Traveler Volume, Aging Infrastructure
12/21/16: Airlines for America Group Predicts Increased Winter Holiday Travelling
12/21/16: Travel Leaders Ecstatic Over Norwegian Air Decision
12/14/16: A4A Commends ACCESS Advisory Committee for Delivering Solutions That Benefit Travelers
11/30/16: Travel Set to Boom as Supersonic Jets Return
11/09/16: Premium Economy Arrives on U.S. Airlines. Will Coach Suffer?
11/02/16: New Scanners and Conveyors Could Make Airline Security Faster and Safer
10/26/16: Pet Relief Areas Being Installed at All Major American Airports
10/12/16: New IATA Report Shows Air Rage Incidents on The Rise - 10 Ways to Reduce The Stress of Flying
09/28/16: An Early Win for the Next President? ATC Reform
09/21/16: Best U.S. Airlines: 2016 Edition
09/14/16: Airports Council International Releases 2015 World Airport Traffic Report
08/31/16: Why Air Travel is Actually Much Safer Than You Think
08/31/16: How Alaska Airlines is Empowering Crew with iPhone Apps
08/10/16: ATC Revamp Failed Despite Airline Lobbying Efforts
08/03/16: Airfares Hit a Six-Year Low -- Just in Time for a Final Summer Vacation
08/03/16: Mobile Phones and Beacons Can Help Airports Manage Queues
08/03/16: TSA PreCheck: Think E-ZPass for Flying - By Roger Dow
07/27/16: Releases Annual U.S. Aiport Affordability Index
07/27/16: This Startup Wants to Help You Speed Through Airport Security Lines
07/20/16: Congress Passes Aviation Bill to Close Airport Security Gaps
07/13/16: Temporary TSA PreCheck Enrollment Centers Aim to Speed Up Airport Travel
07/13/16: 4 U.S. Airports to Open Automated Security Lanes This Fall
07/13/16: Airlines Risk Losing Passengers Due to Poor Wi-Fi
07/06/16: More Comfort But No Power in Southwest's New Seats
07/06/16: 6 Must-Have Accessories for a Long Flight
06/29/16: U.S. Airports Enacting Plans for Increased Holiday Traffic
06/29/16: Are PreCheck and Global Entry Worth It?
06/22/16: Low-Cost Holdouts Frontier and Spirit Will Join TSA’s Precheck Program

AUTOMOBILES automobiles icon
06/14/17: Over 10 Companies Expected to Launch Flying Vehicles by 2022
05/03/17: AAA Officially Launches Its Car Sharing Startup Gig with a Giant, Sober Dance Party in Oakland
04/26/17: How Automation is Helping the Connected Car Market
04/19/17: A Quarter of All U.S. Travel Could Be Electric and Driverless by 2030
03/01/17: 5 Travel Startups Rethinking Car Rentals Beyond Sharing
02/01/17: Ride-Sharing Services Now Allowed by One-Half of Corporate Travel Policies Across the Globe
11/16/16: Uber, Lyft Overtake Taxis for Business Travel Expenses
11/02/16: Uber to Give Upfront Pricing in Biggest App Redesign Since 2010 Launch
10/26/16: Uber and Lyft Made Up 52% of Business Travel Transportation Expenses in Q3
09/21/16: What It's Like To Ride in a (Nearly) Self-Driving Uber
08/03/16: How to Avoid Fees on Your Rental Car
07/20/16: Avis Now Provides More Features on Mobile App

CRUISE automobiles icon
05/31/17: Cruises This Summer Up to 10% Cheaper Than Last Year
05/10/17: Royal Caribbean Says Passengers are Spending Big on Experiences
04/26/17: Should You Book Your Cruise Early or Wait to Get the Best Cruise Deal?
03/01/17: The Joys of Optional Cruise Land Extensions
02/01/17: CLIA Releases The Cruise Travel Report: Attitudes, Behaviors and Travel Preferences of Cruisers and Non-Cruisers
12/14/16: Royal Caribbean International Opens Sailings to Cuba
11/30/16: Princess Cruises Resumes Summer Caribbean Cruises in 2018
10/26/16: Marvel Franchise Heading to the High Seas
08/31/16: What Other Wild Attractions Could Make It to Cruise Ships?
08/24/16: More River Cruise Companies are Setting Sail On the Mississippi
08/17/16: The Current and Future State of Cruise Specialty Entertainment
08/10/16: CLIA Report Says Travel Agents More Important Than Ever to Cruise Industry

DISCUSSION discussion icon
05/17/17: Why Meetings Within Meetings Matter for Large Events
05/10/17: 4 Insights for North American Travel This Summer
04/05/17: High Customer Expectations Put Pressure on the Travel Industry
03/08/17: 7 Ways to Save Money on Retirement Travel
03/08/17: Political Threats Force U.S. Tourism Boards to Examine Their Roles
02/08/17: A Future of Empty Beaches?
01/25/17: Festivalization of Meetings and Events
01/11/17: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Travel Industry
12/14/16: Sabre’s Technology Report: The Three Emerging Technology Trends to Watch and Get Ready For
11/30/16: Elaine Chao Will Serve as Transportation Secretary
11/16/16: Post-Election, U.S. Travel Aims Industry Positioning Campaign at Incoming Lawmakers
11/02/16: Several States Square Off with Homeland on Real ID Law
10/26/16: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Will be the Impact on the Travel Industry?
10/19/16: Brand USA Board of Directors Elects Tom Klein Chairman
10/05/16: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: What Will Be the Impact on the Travel Industry?
09/21/16: How a Whole Swath of B2B Media Companies Got Wiped Out
08/31/16: Features Famous American Festivals for Groups
08/24/16: Explaining Travel Fees from the Industry’s Perspective
08/10/16: Why Do ‘Optional’ Travel Fees Feel So Mandatory?
07/27/16: CEO on the Death of Search Engine Optimization
07/20/16: To Make Hotels Great Again, You Have to Make a Story
06/29/16: Consumers Don't Want to Give Up Personal Data

EMAIL email icon
09/28/16: Best Day for Email Sending is Neither Black nor White
08/17/16: U.S. Email Deliverability Drops, Global Rates Stagnant
06/22/16: Email Mobile Adoption Jumps

GADGETS gadgets icon
04/26/17: Local Reviews in Your Language - Wherever You Are
03/15/17: Despite the Hype, Wearables Not Really a Thing
09/14/16: Business Travellers on Apps and Other Hotel Technology
09/07/16: A Voice Drives the Future of Travel
08/31/16: New Travel Service Black Tomato Works With Drones for Slick Travel Videos
08/24/16: Is Augmented Reality Right for Destination Marketing?
08/17/16: Coolest Travel Products on Kickstarter, August 2016 Edition
08/10/16: Peabody Company Develops State of the Art Airport Security Machine
07/20/16: A Hotelier’s Guide to Pokémon Go

HOTELS hotels icon
06/07/17: Trump Organization to Go Budget Friendly With ‘American Idea’ Hotel Chain
05/31/17: The Future Hotel Room is Already Here: Meet Your Robot Butlers and Mechanical Mini-Bar
05/24/17: Lodging Demand Increases Amidst Increased Consumer Confidence, According to PwC
05/17/17: Top 5 Regions for Hotel Development Ranked
05/10/17: Starwood Capital Group Launches New Extended-Stay Brand, Uptown Suites
05/03/17: Hilton Launches Points Pooling for Its Honors Loyalty Program
04/19/17: U.S. Room Construction Approaching Previous Peak
03/29/17: Siri and Alexa Are Fighting to Be Your Hotel Butler
02/22/17: Sleeker Hilton Touts Millennial-Minded, Lower Price Point Brands
02/08/17: Hotel Loyalty Programs Get More Hospitable
01/18/17: Hyatt Acquires Miraval to Bring Wellness to Business Travel
01/11/17: North American Hoteliers Prepare for Strong Q1 with Healthy Rate and Occupancy Gains
01/04/17: Hilton is Pretty Sure It Needs Five More Hotel Brands to Better Compete
01/04/17: The Top 5 Tech Trends for 2017
12/14/16: Hotels Offer Better, Faster Wi-Fi
12/07/16: 10 New Hotel Technologies for Modern Rooms
11/30/16: PwC: U.S. Occupancy to Decline in 2017
11/09/16: Hotel Brands Overhauling Loyalty Programs
11/09/16: Six Hotel Trends for 2017
11/09/16: Westgate Resorts to Give Away 1,000 Free Orlando Vacations to Military Families on Veteran’s Day
10/26/16: Understanding Omni Hotels’ Pivot Toward Experiential Meetings
09/14/16: With Occupancy High, Hotels Seek to Avoid Online Booking Services
08/24/16: Big Hotel Chains Ditch Full-Service Properties in Favor of the Light-Touch Approach
08/17/16: Hotels Embrace Keyless Entry
08/10/16: Hotel CEOs Think Their Direct Booking Pushes Position Them for Long-Term Gain
07/27/16: Choice Hotels Officially Launches Exclusive Member Rates
07/13/16: More Hotels Offer Discounts for Booking Directly
07/13/16: How Guest Expectations and Changes in Mobile Habits Impact Hotel Tech
07/06/16: The Current State of Keyless Entry at Big Hotel Brands
06/29/16: O'Hare to Add Two Hotels, Upgrade Hilton Space
06/22/16: Is the FTC About to Ban Hotel Resort Fees?

06/07/17: Brand USA Seeing Results as It Markets United States to International Travelers
05/24/17: Destinations Concede Their Food Tourism Marketing Efforts Fall Short
05/17/17: International Travel Credit Card Cost & Benefit Report
05/10/17: 3 Leading Sightseeing Attraction Pass Providers Merge to Form World's Largest Global Attraction Pass Company
04/12/17: International Countries Outpace Domestic Travel
04/05/17: International Travel Unexpectedly Strong to Start 2017
03/08/17: EU Moves to End Visa-Free Travel for Americans
12/07/16: The 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017 Announced by Travel + Leisure
10/26/16: 10 Haunted Hotels Where You Can Actually Spend the Night
09/28/16: 4 Translation Apps to Ease International Business Communication
06/22/16: Brand USA's International Marketing Initiatives Yield $3 Billion Boost for U.S. Economy

LUGGAGE globe icon
05/31/17: How Technology is Transforming the Way Airlines Handle Your Luggage
05/17/17: Delta Plans Biometric-Based Self-Service Bag Drop
04/12/17: The Luggage Industry Keeps Adding Tech Gimmicks to Boost Sales
03/22/17: Unclaimed Baggage Shares Top Ten Little Known Facts about Lost Luggage
11/16/16: Airline Industry Study is Upbeat About RFID-Based Baggage Tracking
09/07/16: Delta Leads Quest to End Lost Airline Luggage
07/27/16: Modobag Introduces World’s First Rideable, Motorized Smart Luggage

MARKETING marketing icon
06/14/17: PageFair Adblock Report 2017
06/14/17: Modern Marketing Means Mobile Messaging
05/24/17: Online Marketing Truth or Dare
05/10/17: What Keeps Advertisers Up at Night?
05/03/17: A Surge in Mobile Spending Helped Digital Advertising in the U.S. Reach $72.5 Billion in 2016
05/03/17: 5 Digital Marketing Tips to Increase Your Brand's Growth Online and Improve Ad Results
04/19/17: Hotels Allocate More Budget for Digital Marketing and Social
04/19/17: The Image is a Destination Marketer's Friend - Tap into the Photo-sharing Consumer
04/12/17: 8 Smart Tips for Choosing a Winning Domain Name
04/05/17: Digital Advertising Tops TV in the U.S. for the First Time
03/29/17: Ad Fraud May Cost Industry $16.4bn in 2017 as Questions Continue About Self-Governance
03/29/17: For Marketers, a Brand Safety Wake-Up Call
03/22/17: Ads in Editorial Stream Beat Search, Social for Visibility and Recall
03/22/17: Advertisers' Coalition Pushes ‘Better Standards’ for Desktop and Mobile Ads
03/15/17: The Importance of Innovation and Change in the Digital Age
03/01/17: Editorial Content is More Memorable than Social News Feed Content
03/01/17: 40% of Online Ads are Found to be Overweight and Slow Sites
02/15/17: IPG Finds Skipping 'Skippable Ads' Has Become Ingrained Behavior, Offers Solutions
02/01/17: For Travel Marketers, The 'January Jump' is a Big Missed Opportunity
01/25/17: USA Luxury Shopping Consortium Celebrates Lunar New Year with Style
01/18/17: The Fifties are the New Target Demographic for Travel Brands
01/11/17: New Year, Same IAB (Interactive Advertising Bull)
01/04/17: Ad Blocking is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Marketing
12/14/16: Coalition for Better Ads Will Drive Change Consumers Want, and that the Industry Needs
12/07/16: Programmatic Is Problematic, Even When It Works
12/07/16: North America Banner Click Through Rate Up to 0.14%
12/07/16: The Power of Video: 4 Examples of Sight, Sound, Motion and Data
11/16/16: I Just Got a Letter from an Unhappy Customer - and I Love It
11/02/16: 3 Ways to Make Sure Your Online Ads Aren't a Turnoff
10/19/16: Digital Advertising Beyond the Impression
10/12/16: Cross-Device Attribution Still Difficult for Marketers
10/05/16: U.S. Digital Ad Spending to Surpass TV this Year
10/05/16: Two New Studies Look at What Kinds of Campaigns, Mobile Ad Formats Work Best
09/28/16: For U.S. Destinations, a Little Self-Promotion Goes a Long Way
09/07/16: More Marketers Use Proximity Tech, Beacons, to Get Closer to the Action
08/31/16: Analytics are the No. 1 Marketing Technology
08/24/16: B2B Executives Use Marketing Analytics to Boost the Bottom Line
08/17/16: Why More Than a Quarter of U.S. Internet Users Block Ads
08/03/16: Attribution is Becoming More of a Priority for Marketers
07/27/16: IAB: Two-Thirds of Ad Block Users are Open to Turning Off Software
07/06/16: The 'Meet Cute': Instead of Counting Interactions, Build Relationships With Your Customers
06/29/16: U.S. Ad Blocking to Jump by Double Digits This Year
06/22/16: Online Ad Spend Overtakes TV Next Year

MOBILE mobile icon
06/07/17: Survey Finds 48% of U.S. Mobile Device Owners Know They Can Block Mobile Ads
02/15/17: Marriott Personalizes Mobile App Experience with New Redesign
10/19/16: Within Months, Google to Divide Its Index, Giving Mobile Users Better & Fresher Content
10/12/16: Sabre Redefines Business Travel with One Mobile Empowered Platform That Manages the Whole Trip
09/21/16: Gmail Finally Supports Responsive Design
09/14/16: U.S. Regulator Tells Air Passengers Not to Turn on Galaxy Note 7 Phones
09/07/16: Adobe’s Mobile Travel Report: Which Travel Brands Have It Right?
08/24/16: Events Apps Take Cues from Tinder and to Engage Attendees
08/17/16: Becoming the True Hub of Your Destination
08/10/16: Little Hotelier Now Available on the App Store
07/06/16: 5 Emerging Apps That Are Making Travel Easier (and Cheaper)

NAVIGATION navigation icon
02/15/17: TRIPinfo Digital Magazine - Featuring Maps to Great Getaway Destinations
01/25/17: The Best of CA Highway 1: The Whale Trail
09/07/16: TripAdvisor Acquires Citymaps, Providing Better Tourism Mapping Features for Travelers

ONLINE online icon
05/31/17: Internet Consumption Erodes TV’s Lead
05/24/17: Vrooom! Why Website Speed Matters
05/03/17: 'May the Fourth' Remind Users to Choose a Stronger Password
04/26/17: Ad Industry Powers Consider Adopting Ad Blocking on a Wide Scale
04/05/17: Teams with to Plug Gap in Group Travel Planning Market
03/15/17: This One Chart Explains the Hotel Loyalty-vs.-OTA Problem
02/15/17: The Best Web Browsers of 2017
02/08/17: OTAs are Winning the Battle for the Consumer
02/01/17: Use of Ad-Blocking Software Rises by 30% Worldwide
01/04/17: Explore Fairbanks Launches New Responsive Website
11/16/16: Leading Hotels of the World Uses AI to Drive Destination Discovery
11/02/16: The FCC Just Passed Sweeping New Rules to Protect Your Online Privacy
10/19/16: Most Millennials Have Installed Ad Blockers
10/12/16: New IAB Standards Promise Major Ad Shakeup
10/12/16: Black Hat SEO: Which Practices Will Earn You a Manual Penalty?
10/05/16: Boost Your Website’s Loading Speed
09/28/16: Ad Blocking Still Increasing Even as Some Consumers Say Ads are Improving
09/21/16: Tired of Being 'Bombarded', U.S. Internet Users Turn to Ad Blockers
06/22/16: The Global State of Ad Blocking, in Four Charts

RESEARCH research icon
06/07/17: Boomers Plan to Travel More Than Any Other Generation This Summer
05/24/17: Millennials Boost Airline, Cruise Line and Sharing Economy Brands
05/17/17: Survey Reveals American Parents are Spending Cautiously on Summer Vacation this Year
05/10/17: 10% of All New Non-Farm Jobs in April Were Travel-Related
04/26/17: Booking Data Shows Resilience of Travel Industry
04/12/17: The Impact of Emerging Technology on Corporate Travel
04/05/17: The Cost of Milliseconds in the Digital Marketplace
03/29/17: Two Roads Hospitality Releases Meetings Survey
03/22/17: Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, London, New York & Munich Top Destinations Travelers Feel Most Safe
03/15/17: Camping Up in the U.S.; Trend Expected to Continue as Millennials Seek Positive Health Impacts of Time Outdoors
03/08/17: Modern Travel: A Survey of When, Where and Why Americans Search for Travel
02/22/17: Money Can't Buy Me Love: U.S. Consumers Loyal to Brands They Trust
02/22/17: Top 25 Beaches - United States
02/22/17: U.S. Travel Agency Air Ticket Sales Up Nearly 6% in January
02/22/17: Releases 2017 Spring Break Travel Trends
02/15/17: New Cornell Report Highlights Value of Hotel Amenities
02/08/17: 'Cell Phone-Only' Households for Over Half of U.S. Adults
02/01/17: World's Busiest Airport Title Slips Further from O'Hare's Grasp
01/18/17: U.S. Travel Trends Index: Does a 'Trump Bump' Get Credit for Surging Travel Forecasts?
01/11/17: The Fastest Growing Online Travel Markets
11/30/16: U.S. Ad Blocking: 6 Top Stats to Know
11/09/16: How Wi-Fi Connectivity Impacts Travel Decisions
11/02/16: Americans are Sticking Closer to Home - Where Do They Want to Travel?
10/19/16: Marriott Rewards Illustrates Trends With First Global Travel Tracker
10/05/16: Cheap Airfare Will Power Corporate Travel Growth in 2017 Says Report
09/14/16: Business Traveler Satisfaction: The Generational Divide
09/07/16: Report Breaks Down Destination Wedding Trends for 2016
08/03/16: Poll Finds Few Consumers Redeem Travel Reward Points
07/20/16: Declining Number of U.S. Leisure Travelers Choose Destination Based on Prior Experience
07/20/16: Boomers Travel Confidently and Stress-Free
07/13/16: Half of U.S. Internet Users Want to Unplug on Vacation
07/06/16: Summer Travel Spotlight: What to Expect From American Travelers This Season
06/29/16: Most Business Travelers Satisfied with Trip Experience

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