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MARKET: Group, Tour, Agent, Meeting, Event, Religious, Reunion, Sports, Student, Wedding & International Planners
FORMAT: Trim 8" x 10 7/8", Bleed 8 1/4" x 11 1/8"
QUALITY: 100% 4-color
CONTENT: Destination Selection & Planning for Travel Professionals
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TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine-Summer 2017
TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine-Fall 2017
TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine-Winter 2016/2017




In print since 1993, our Travel Reference Information Planner became 100% digital by 2012. Launched in 1996,, 1st website for Travel Professional group planning, successfully migrated ~30,000 ( monthly visitors to the site. Inaugural Partner of Brand USA in 2012, digital enables International Distribution, currently 13% of users. Multi-Platform & Mobile-Friendly, 16% access via tablet & smart phones.


Group Leaders, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Meeting Planners, Event Planners, Religious Groups, Reunion Planners, Sports Groups, Student Groups, Wedding Planners & International Groups
Total ~60,000/year

Advertising in TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine is Added Value for Online Sponsors

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Bonus Placement for clients spending $  9,750+ (net/year) on
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Bonus Placement for clients spending $  6,900+ (net/year) on
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All display ads include Video Package.
All rates are eligible for a 5% pre-pay discount.
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What Others Say
"Our President received the Atlas today and asked me to call immediately to request 6 more..."

Sherry Callahan
Travel Associates
Sea Girt, NJ
"We received the...Atlas and wanted to see if it was possible to have a few more copies. We are a team of about 40 agents, and would like 10 more copies to have on hand. It is very useful."

Prestige Travel Systems
Tampa, FL
"Having monthly ROI to share is great. We appreciate everything you’ve done...very beneficial to the Tourism Commission..."

Meredith Chase
for Mississippi Gulf Coast
Gulfport, MS
"You are clearly a major player in the planner space. I'm glad you walked me through your properties. It was impressive and helpful."

Leo Blumber
for Cleveland/Bradley CVB
Nashville, TN