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Right Message
Material Specifications
TRIPinfo is a Multi-Media buy, providing multiple touchpoints for all Sponsorships.

24/7/365 ONLINE:
DEADLINE: 25th of month for subsequent month start.

Online since 1996, we are whitelisted by major ad blockers worldwide. On your display ad is seen & the message you pay for is delivered, not blocked -- unlike many industry websites & 3rd-party ad servers!

Requested Material:
 • Wide Skyscraper & Click-Tracking URL
 • Video URL or File
 • Tracking URL for Content & Newsletters

Wide Skyscraper (160x600 pixels):
 • We accept GIF, JPG, PNG and PSD files.
 • Per IAB standards, maximum file size of 40K is allowed.
 • Creative must remain within its boundary (no expansion or retraction).
 • Videos will be accessed via our Play Video link. Please send video URL to
 • We do not accept Flash. is designed for use by desktop, laptop & mobile devices.
   The iOS operating system commands nearly half of the mobile market. Flash doesn't render on iOS.
   We believe it is a disservice to our Sponsors to accept incompatible material for this growing market.

DEADLINE: Monday morning submissions for each mid-week newsletter.

DEADLINE: 5th of March (Spring) + June (Summer) + September (Fall) + December (Winter)

Full Page, Half Page & Quarter Page Ads:
May be sent as TIFF, EPS or high-resolution PDF files (CMYK, 266 dpi). Spread ads - No Bleed on Fold.

Live Area
Full Page 7.625" x 10.5" 8" x 10.875" 8.25" x 11.125"
Two Page Spread 15.625" x 10.5" 16" x 10.875" 16.25" x 11.125"
Half Page (Horizontal) 7.625" x 5.125" 8" x 5.312" 8.25" x 5.437"
Half Page (Vertical) 3.75" x 10.5" 3.875" x 10.875" 4" x 11.125"
Half Page, 2-Page Spread 15.625" x 5.125" 16" x 5.312" 16.25" x 5.437"
Quarter Page (Square) 3.75" x 3.75" n/a n/a
Gatefold Opening Page 7.687" x 10.5" 7.875" x 10.875" 8" x 11.125"
Gatefold Spread Inside 15.562" x 10.5" 15.75" x 10.875" 15.875" x 11.125"
Note: We reserve the right to make minor size adjustments to supplied creative as necessary for page layout.

Quarter Page:
For TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine, we take your
3.75" x 3.75" artwork and place it in a frame that
identifies your market & includes up to 10 standardized
icons to represent your various amenities & features.
1/4-Page Formatted Ad

1/8-Page Formatted:
1/8-page photo listings are produced in-house.
Copy, horizontal photo saved as TIFF at 266 dpi
with an image size of at least 1.325" square.
Include a 40-word description & contact information.
1/12-Page Photo Ad

Send material to Larger files may need to be compressed.

File format or other questions? Call 770-825-0220, fax 770-825-0880 or email

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