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Meeting Seating
Which Style is Best for You?

Meeting and conference facilities usually offer several types of seating configurations to accommodate needs.
Here are "rules of thumb" for popular seating styles, and the seats required to set them up, in a sample room size.

Theater Meeting Seating
U-Shape Meeting Seating
Seating capacity for a freestanding theater or when chairs are
in rows without tables, typically one seat per 9 square feet.
This 1,000 square foot room handles 100 seats theater style.

Seating configuration of tables and chairs in a rectangular or
semicircular shape with one end left open toward a focal point.

Classroom Meeting Seating
Hollow Square Meeting Seating
Seating capacity when chairs are set behind tables, typically
one seat per 15 square feet. This 1,000 square foot room handles
70 seats classroom style. Good for large meetings & taking notes.

Seating configuration with tables arranged in a square
with an open middle, chairs are only on the outside. This
selection is ideal for sharing ideas in small groups of 20-40.

Banquet Meeting Seating
Boardroom Meeting Seating
Seating capacity for a room set for meal functions, typically one seat
per 12 square feet. This 1,000 square foot room handles 80 seats
banquet style. Great for small group discussions or dinner!

Seating configuration with chairs placed around all sides of the table.
In this illustration, the tables are double width; i.e. tables placed
together allowing extra room in a boardroom style set-up.

Reprinted from's 2008 Destination & Meetings Guide, updated 07/2011.

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