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1st Website Serving Travel Professionals

• Since 1996, 2-clicks to links in 210 Nielsen DMAs + 600 tables.

• Portal design means quick navigation to 31,400+ links.

• Group, Tour, Agent, Meeting, Event, Religious, Reunion,
   Sports, Student, Wedding Planners.

• Highest Alexa Engagement of 100 travel trade websites.

• Highest average Page Views per User of travel trade websites.

• Highest average Time on Site of travel trade websites.

• Wide Skyscrapers 24/7/365, quantity discounts apply.

TRIPinfo Weekly Newsletter

Internet Travel Monitor - Online Travel Planning & News

• Weekly email, since November 2000.

• 15,000 Travel Professional subscribers.

• Stay informed with:
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  › Featured Destinations › Worth A Thousand Words
  › Marketing, Research & Tech  

• advertisers receive featured placements in ITM.

TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine
TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine

Destination Selection & Planning for Travel Professionals

• Digital production, distributed quarterly.

• Since 1993 (originally in print), a respected reference
   for volume buyers.

• 60,000+ Group, Tour, Agent, Small Meeting, Event, Religious,
   Reunion, Sports, Student, Wedding & International Planners.

• Online Video Packages include 1/8-Page 4-color for as low as
   $1,500 net/year.

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