January 09, 2019

Government Shutdown or Not, Bryce Canyon National Park Remains Open

County and community organizations unite to provide custodial and visitor services

Bryce Canyon Remains Open

PANGUITCH, UTAH - Bryce Canyon National Park, one of Utah's most visited sites, is still accessible to travelers, though services are limited. The State Tourism Office, the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association and Garfield County have provided funding and in-kind resources to keep the visitor's center open and the park's restrooms and public areas clean and trash-free.

While key parts of the federal government have been impacted since Dec. 22 by the partial shutdown, Bryce Canyon is one of the fortunate national parks to remain open. Some national parks are littered with garbage, have locked restrooms and blocked roads because of piling snow. Bryce Canyon has been able to avoid this dilemma. This is due to the support of partner organizations who have collaborated to keep major portions of the park accessible.

Gayle Pollack, director of the nonprofit, Bryce Canyon Natural History Association, has pledged $10,000 to underwrite any funding shortfall to keep Bryce Canyon open. The NHA is committed to supporting the visitor center operations for however long the federal shutdown lasts.

"Don't cancel your plans if you scheduled a trip to Bryce Canyon from the United States or overseas," said Gayle Pollack, director of the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association. "When you come here the restrooms will be clean, the park will be open and there will be people with smiles to welcome you."

"We want to make sure those that have planned to visit the area still get the opportunity to take in our incredible Bryce Canyon National Park," said Owens. "Visitors should be mindful that some areas are short-staffed. It is important for visitors to try to minimize any impact to the park so we can all enjoy the natural beauty of Bryce Canyon."

If you are planning to visit the area please note contingency plans that are being developed to keep the visitor's center open and some services available. For information about Bryce Canyon during the government shutdown go to www.visitutah.com.

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