June 02, 2021

North American Reciprocal Museum Association to Aid in Recovery

Executive Director of the North American Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association®, Virginia Phillippi, recently announced an important program to help NARM’s 1,000+ member organizations across North America recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A survey of 750 museums conducted by the American Alliance of Museums in July 2020 predicted United States May Lose One-third of All Museums due to economic impact of the pandemic.

“The NARM Association is committed to helping our organizations recover from a devastating year of shutdowns,” states Phillippi.

Reopening has burdened institutions with new processes necessary to ensure visitor and museum staff safety. One way to provide safe numbers of visitors is to have visitors reserve timed-ticketing in advance. However, checking multiple websites and finding links for reservations is time consuming and confusing.

To assist in post-pandemic recovery, NARM partnered with long-time sponsor TRIPinfo. Online since 1996, TRIPinfo.com has the largest online following of Leisure Group Trips Planners, averaging 45,000+ visitors/month, from the travel segment leading the industry’s rebound.

“Senior, Event, Wedding, Student, Military, Fraternal, Reunion, Sports, Team Meetings, Religious and other group planners trust TRIPinfo. It’s the reference for left-brain, logistics & details-oriented Leisure Group Trips planners – traveling again & seeking attractions!” said TRIPinfo’s CEO Mark Browning.

Funded by visitor tax revenues, visitor bureaus, or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), control the bulk of marketing budget available to benefit local, travel-industry-supported businesses. TRIPinfo has stepped up to help NARM deliver Win/Win marketing for NARM member museums and their DMOs. TRIPinfo includes all NARM organizations on its "Attractions" pages as a benefit of NARM membership, and now, TRIPinfo will provide free access to its BOOK button plus other benefits when a local DMO participates. The new BOOK buttons link directly to each organization’s website booking page where visitors can reserve their spot from the museum-specific ticketing service!

“NARM and TRIPinfo hope that this opportunity will help form stronger partnerships between local DMOs and their cultural institutions to facilitate reopening and encourage more travel!”

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