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In the 1990s recession, travel industry marketers looked for ways to cut budgets. TRIP in print provided the common Travel Reference Information Planner used by multiple vertical categories of travel professionals. It enabled cutting budgets, while increasing ROI, by consolidating expenditures toward Group + Tour + Agent + Small Meeting + Event + Religious + Reunion + Sports + Student + Wedding + International planners.

In 1996 TRIP went online as a Travel Reference Information Portal – 1st B2B Travel Professional website. "For More Information Go to TRIPinfo.com" was added to each page on our 60,000+ copies of the quarterly TRIP in print. Over time, as our loyal print audience shifted online, we reduced the frequency of our print publication, ultimately converting it to 100% digital distribution. Today, more travel professionals rely upon TRIPinfo.com each month as a planning tool than the total print runs of most travel trade publications.

But don’t take our word for it! Please visit the most comprehensive comparison tool used by online agencies worldwide, Alexa.com, and see for yourself!

TRIPinfo.com Tops Travel Trade Websites by Every Measure

Alexa Stats

Using Alexa, media buyers analyze and compare websites by typing in the URL of any travel trade publication. Think of the dollars that can be cut from a budget and replaced with one low-cost, multi-media program with TRIPinfo.com to deliver proven results. In fact, check many consumer magazine websites, too. Make sure your media budget reaches an engaged travel planning audience. Most of all, remember 86% of travel is now planned online.

Put our team to work. Target travel professionals where their group trip planning starts…TRIPinfo.com!