Measuring Success
in Marketing to B2B Travel Professionals

All TRIPinfo Sponsorship packages feature Fixed, Non-Rotating, Exclusive, Display Ads and Video + Tour + Other Reference Text Ads, appearing on both Desktop & Mobile devices. These 24/7/365 Sponsorships start as low as $3,900/year for single display ad positions.

In a world of $400-$600 CPMs for B2B travel magazine print copies mailed, TRIPinfo clients average far lower CPM viewed + $2-$6 CPC response from a very engaged audience. At $1,500,000+ per year, these travel pros spend ~375x the less than $4,000/year the average family spends for travel. All clients receive monthly ROI reporting of Impressions + Clicks + Click-Thru Rates. We also provide free assistance for advertisers to set-up campaign tracking URLs using their own analytics.

In Travel B2B, a $2-$6 CPC has little value if not reaching B2B Travel Professionals, Self-Selected, Self-Targeted, At the Point of Planning! And yet, Cost-Per-Click does not measure total branding and marketing success, nor does Cost-Per-Conversion. Only including View-Thru Conversions gives the total picture:

“For every conversion or booking that is tracked from a direct click, some advertisers can see 10 times more bookings from view-thru conversions. That happens when a user sees your banner but does not click it. Then 3 or 7 or even 29 days later the user will visit your site directly and book with you. In one case study by Online Performance Marketing, a client saw 54 conversions from direct clicks, but then saw an additional 310 conversions from view-thrus, all from people that saw the banner but did not click initially!” --TravelSpike

TRIPinfo has an extensive track-record with Blue-Chip B2B travel marketers, many of those online with us 22+ years! Pay-Per-Click Internet Advertising means spending the same every month to just keep clicks the same. It does not build brands. TRIPinfo builds brands!