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Memorial Day Travel at Highest Level Since 2005

AAA projects 39.3 million Americans will travel 50+ miles from home this Memorial Day weekend one million more than last year creating the highest Memorial Day volume since 2005...

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TRIPinfo Spring Magazine

Top 10 Domestic and International Summer Destinations' for Kids


Martinsburg-Berkeley County, WV

South Carolina Lowcountry


Odessa, Texas

Peachtree City, Georgia


American Parents Are Spending Cautiously on Summer Vacation

A new summer vacation budgeting survey shows that 68% of respondents taking a vacation this summer intend to use cash on hand to fund it.

Why Meetings Within Meetings Matter for Large Events

The festivalization of meetings and events has created a new meetings and events trend: purposeful sub-group meetings.

The Top 5 Regions for Hotel Development Ranked

The Americas top the list of the five countries with the most new hotel construction projects underway, according to the Top Hotel Projects database.

Delta Plans Biometric-Based Self-service Bag Drop

The self-service bag drop and facial-recognition technology is a next step in streamlining airport processes and compliments their radio frequency identification technology.

International Travel Credit Card Cost & Benefit Report

Having the right plastic in your pocket while traveling makes life a whole lot easier and provides hundreds of dollars in savings in addition to travel benefits.

A4A Airlines Will No Longer Remove Boarded Passengers from Aircraft

Airlines are committed to not removing a boarded passenger from an aircraft in a bumping situation and to ensuring crew being transported are booked in advance.


World of Coca-Cola

Lake Cumberland, Kentucky


Outlets at Tejon

Clemson University Conference Center and Inn


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