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Lake Tahoe Leads the Country in Snowfall

Massive mega-storms drop over 200 inches in January; sunny skies, new non-stop flights and lodging deals on tap...

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New Airplane Etiquette Study Examines American In-Flight Conduct

2016 Year in Review: A Year of Cruise Industry Consumer Trends and Preferences


Alpine Helen, Georgia

Kentucky Lake


Big Spring, Texas

South Carolina Upcountry


American’s Cheapest Fares Soon Won’t Include Access to Overhead Bins

United Airlines soon won't be the only U.S. airline to bar frugal customers from bringing large carry-on bags to stow in overhead bins.

The Fifties Are the New Target Demographic for Travel Brands

Travelers in their 50s, squeezed between Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, are breaking new ground in their global meanderings.

Hyatt Acquires Miraval to Bring Wellness to Business Travel

Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels Corporation has acquired the Miraval Group, a leader in the category of wellness hospitality, in a deal announced Wednesday morning.

Global In-Flight Wi-Fi Coverage Will Grow in 2017

In-flight Wi-Fi is available on 39 percent of available seat miles globally and 83 percent of U.S. carriers' ASMs, according to Routehappy's 2017 Wi-Fi Report.

U.S. Travel Trends Index: Strong Showing for the Travel Sector

According to the Travel Trends Index, all travel sectors grew at rates significantly above their 6-month moving averages – with a notable, unanticipated growth in domestic busines travel.

TRIPinfo Digital Magazine Features Noteworthy Group Lodging Properties

This Fall Edition features 42 accommodations across the U.S. that offer a wide variety of experiences for group getaways


Middleton Place

Statesboro, Georgia


Heritage Tours

Del Rio, Texas


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