Our story began with building and maintaining the definitive reference information resource aiding friends group travel. That data was put into use with the launch of TRIP in the Spring of 1993. The quarterly travel guide served as a Travel Reference Information Planner for group planners, mailing to 60,000+ known planners each quarter. The subject-specific Keeper Reference evolved into the TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine.

The print guide audience migrated to TRIPinfo.com when it launched as the 1st USA Travel Reference Information Portal in 1996. Today, 45,000+ group planners use TRIPinfo.com each month for logistics and details research for group bookings in the USA. They are group, tour, agent, team meeting, event, religious, reunion, sport, student, wedding & International planners – each booking 10x-375x/year the average family on travel.

By 2000 the company began its weekly email newsletter, Internet Travel Monitor, sent to ~15,000 group travel planners each week. The 3 components of the TRIPinfo Digital Platform are now TRIPinfo.com Online + TRIPinfo Weekly Newsletter + TRIPinfo Quarterly Digital Magazine. They work together as a comprehensive reference for group planners to use during all facets of their trips.


To research and present quality USA travel information - to travel professionals booking volume - via our website, maps, email newsletters, magazine and emerging tools.

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The Team

Mark Browning
Chief Executive Officer

Mark and his team built and maintain the definitive reference information aiding leisure group trip planning. After serving major travel and technology publishers on 13 successful magazine launches, Mark introduced TRIP in print in 1993. Since 1996, TRIPinfo.com - 1st website for the category - provides unobtrusive access to that data. Mark has traveled all 50 US states, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and Europe. He holds a degree in marketing from Vanderbilt University and lives with his wife of 37 years in Atlanta.

Eric Cunningham
Chief Information Officer

Since joining TRIPinfo.com in 1998, Eric has focused on maintaining databases, circulation lists, systems administration, web analytics, and customer service & support. Originally from the Midwest, Eric has traveled around the U.S., including Alaska & Hawaii, and to Canada, Mexico, England, Japan and the Caribbean. When not traveling on vacation, he enjoys spending time with his wife and dogs, playing softball and rooting for the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Braves.

Sheala Browning
Chief Content Officer

Involved in travel media publishing since 1985, Sheala is the Editorial Director, responsible for TRIPinfo.com's weekly e-newsletter and quarterly Digital Magazines. She holds a degree in English from the University of Georgia and a Masters in Human Resources from Georgia State University. Having traveled through 49 USA states, Caribbean, Canada and Europe, she enjoys planning group trips and traveling with friends and family. She is an avid tennis player and runner.

Scott Isenburg
Chief Technology Officer

A part-time IT Contractor with TRIPinfo as early as 2005 while a student at Georgia Tech, Scott expanded his role with the team in 2013. He maintains internal database integrity and provides technical support for the website. A native of Atlanta, Scott enjoys the outdoors, photography and leading adventure travel groups which has taken him across the USA and overseas. He and his wife now reside in The Netherlands and are enjoying exploring Europe together.

Sam Griffiths
Chief Design Officer

Sam became Chief Design Officer in 2014 and recently gave TRIPinfo.com a new look with easy-to-use features, while maintaining the 2-click format and fast load speed. Sam is also responsible for keeping the company looking good. An Atlanta area native, Sam obtained a BA degree in Telecommunication Arts & Film Studies from the University of Georgia. Sam has traveled throughout the USA and enjoys playing tennis, cooking and spending time with his wife, son and 2 dogs.

Tom Adkinson
Contributing Writer

A Marco Polo member of Society of American Travel Writers and creator of CornersOfTheCountry.com, Tom has filed stories from all 50 states and several countries, and he especially enjoys writing about his home city of Nashville. His new book is 100 Things To Do In NASHVILLE Before You Die. Tom was assistant editor at Southern Living, worked 22 years at Gaylord Entertainment, and has written stories for media across the USA. Past chairman of the Southeast Tourism Society, travel and storytelling are in his blood.

Notice of Privacy Policy

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• We do not sell customer information.
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Types of information we may collect and how we gather it:
• From you, on advertising reservations, or on other forms, through telephone or in-person conversations with your TRIPmedia Group representative, such as your address and telephone number.
• From your transactions with us, such as your payment history, and through any updating of applicable reference information for our guides and internet indexes if you provide information on your attraction, destination, festival, meeting site, or shopping facility.
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We may share information about you within TRIPmedia Group:
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• To improve existing products and develop new ones.
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We may share information within TRIPmedia Group including:
• TRIPinfo.com
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• Maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards
• Review our policies and practices
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