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August 23, 2017

Which Destinations Consistently Earn the Most Positive Feedback?

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How many times do you check travel websites for reviews on a hotel, resort or destination before making a decision?

Of course, you’re looking for positive feedback, but hearing from one traveler doesn’t always carry a lot of weight.

So, we went to the experts, the travel agents, and asked them which vacations or destinations were the most consistent in receiving positive feedback from their clients:

"There is no hotter destination at the moment for positive feedback than Iceland," said Chuck Flagg, Cruise Planners in Canton, Georgia.

"Both WOW Air and Icelandair fares have been extremely low and Icelandair allows a stopover either on the outbound or return from Europe on the island for up to seven days. The variety of activities, beauty, history, and more have resulted in consistent positive feedback."

Joost Schreve points out that Nepal consistently amazes and surprises kimkim’s travelers. "What's interesting about Nepal is that people aren't coming back just raving about impressive Mount Everest and the stunning natural vistas,” said Schreve, co-founder and CEO of kimkim.

"Often times our travelers are awestruck by the people of Nepal. Whether it's the kindness of a stranger on the streets of Kathmandu or a welcoming village in the remote mountain areas of Nepal during an off-the-beaten path trek during the Manaslu Circuit, it's the warmth of the Nepali people that always seems to leave an imprint on our travelers' souls."

According to European Waterways managing director Derek Banks, France’s Burgundy region is always a crowd pleaser. “It’s fascinating history, lush green landscape of vineyards and fairy tale castles and, of course, grand wine and culinary traditions draw visitors from all over the world,” said Banks.

"We have the many guest testimonials about how much they enjoyed themselves to prove it."

Disney World is a magical place and, for Lori Wall’s customers, it’s a great experience. “Almost all of the time Disney World has lots of positive feedback,” said Wall, Destinations to Explore. “As for destinations, I am thinking more of a line of All Inclusive, not necessarily destinations. Beaches and Sandals consistently surpass clients’ expectations.”

For Denise Lorentzen, owner and travel consultant at Dreams Travel Consulting, the most positive feedback comes from families that visit Orlando, as well as Hawaii and the Caribbean.

“Most of my clients doing the Caribbean are doing it via ocean cruising,” she said. "They are hooked on cruising once they try it. Those going to Hawaii are telling me they were surprised how much they would fall in love with it. And I also have clients that come back from Disney for the first time just loving it and say it's because we planned everything out ahead of time, which of course you need to."

Different destinations appeal to different types of people, but Jeannete Candau said that the best ones all have one thing in common. “They make visitors feel welcomed and let them meander and explore their charming attractions at their own speed,” said Candau, co-owner of The Blue Walk.

"When people really get to know a place, walk the neighborhood, pick up fresh bread at the friendly bakery and strike up a conversation with the cafe owner and his wife—it stays with people. There are many beautiful and interesting things to see in the world, but connecting to a place in a personal way makes all the difference in creating a satisfying and memorable vacation."

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