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October 11, 2017

Is the Road to Hana Worth the Trip?
Is the Road to Hana Worth the Trip?

HANA, HAWAII – As you drive on the winding, seemingly endless and terrifying, yet stunningly beautiful Road to Hana, you may ask yourself "Is Hana going to be worth the trip?" The answer is a resounding Yes! Aside from stopping at the waterfalls along the way, make sure to stop at the 120-acre Waianapanapa State Park. The road to the park is on the left just before arriving in the lovely town of Hana. Nestled between black lava cliffs, the black sand beach with its clear blue water, white cap waves, tropical flora and clear blue sky is a spectacular sight. Plan to take lots of pictures, go for a swim and enjoy a picnic in the delightful spot. Besides taking a hike on the trails, your group may want to swim over to the lava tube or spring-fed sea caves.

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