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November 29, 2017

Airline Error Fare Search Engine Launched By CheapFlightsFinder
CheapFlightsFinder introduces a new service which displays the cheapest flights ever published from your local airport including super cheap airline error fares.

The new search engine works by unveiling the cheapest flight prices found from over 1,200 sources, then launching a search for those fares on a multitude of search engines - including Skyscanner, momondo, Dohop, KAYAK, Google Flights and more. Not only are airline error fares uncovered but also genuine time sensitive travel deals officially published by the airlines. Once you have discovered an error fare, consumers can shave even more off the price by comparing those dates on different search engines, potentially saving up to 20% more.

"Gone are the days where you have to sign up to deal alert email services which jam your inbox with tons of irrelevant offers - now you can get targeted results with one simple search," explained CheapFlightsFinder CEO Shahab Siddiqui.

"All one has to do is go to, enter your local departure airport, for example - London, then select > whole year - in flexible dates and hit search."

Some of the fares the new service has uncovered include the following round trip flights -

London to Hong Kong - £260
San Francisco to London - $276
Paris to Delhi - 249 Euro
Manchester to Barbados - £275
London to Thailand - £280
New York to Paris - $260

Error fares can occur due to a multitude of reasons - sometimes it is due to a misplaced decimal point, a currency conversion mistake or even human error during data entry.

The airline is under no obligation to honour these super cheap error fares, but your chances are increased greatly if you follow these guidelines:

1.) Try to book directly through the airlines website. CheapFlightsFinder not only displays the error fare but also shows numerous options of where to book including in many cases the airlines own website.

2.) Book quickly before the airline figure out what's up. Error fares don't last long at all so you have to pretty quick to book them as soon as they are published. CheapFlightsFinder takes care to only publish fares that were live in the last 15 days.

3.) Don't book other plans till your seat is secure. Sometimes the error fare is not honoured, but don't worry, airlines must reimburse all out-of-pocket expenses made in confidence upon the reservation.

But what if your travel plans are locked in or you just prefer not to be flexible on when you fly into and out of your destination? CheapFlightsFinder has you covered then, too: The site's dashboard also displays the cheapest departures from your chosen airport on your specified travel date.

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