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December 6, 2017

Schiphol Airport Trials Personal Security Pass Project
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands has enabled passengers taking part in the Personal Security Pass pilot project to reserve a time slot online for passing through the security control at the airport.

The pass will be applicable for several flights travelling to Schengen destinations, allowing passengers to travel through a specially designed entry gate in Departure Hall 1 at check-in desk 1A.

Time slots can be reserved from four days and up to one hour and 15 minutes before departure through the Schiphol App.

The pilot project will test if passengers value the certainty of a fixed time to go through the security process and how such a programme would affect the flow of passengers at security control.

During the project, a Schiphol employee will scan a QR code in the email to confirm the passenger’s reservation. They will then be allowed to scan their boarding pass at the self-service security gate.

During the pilot project, 30 passengers will be able to move through the gate every 15 minutes and more than 400 time slots will be available each day.

If successful, the project will be rolled out for general use.

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