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January 31, 2018

Google Flights Predicts Delays Before Airlines

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Google has updated its travel search engine to predict flight delays.

Using machine learning algorithms along with historic flight data, Google Flights will now predict some flight delays even before receiving information from airlines about those delays, according to a Google blog post.

The delays will be flagged when the search engine is 80% confident in the prediction, though not recommending a traveler delay getting to the airport.

Google Flights already shows delays and now the reasons for the delays will be shown.

A new feature also was added to Google Flights to identify the cheapest fare for any destination.

Information on overhead bin space, seat selection ability and baggage fees also are now included from flights on American, United and Delta.

Delays and predictions of delays appear in search results.

New fare types such as ‘basic economy’ can sometimes limit options, such as seat selection at booking, and now Google Flights will break those down.

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