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April 25, 2018

Plane That Will Operate the World's Longest Flight Finally Takes to the Skies
Excerpt from The Telegraph

A plane championed as the stalwart of the next era of long haul air travel has successfully completed its first flight.

The Ultra Long Range A350 XWB took off from the Airbus’ headquarters in Toulouse before performing a short flight above the south of France and returning to the French city.

The aircraft has a range of 9,700 miles and will later in the year serve a record-breaking route between Singapore and New York, courtesy of Singapore Airlines. The flight, at 9,521 miles, will shoot to the top of the table as the world’s longest commercial flight.

Top 10 | The world’s longest commercial flights

  1. Doha-Auckland, Qatar Airways, 9,028 miles
  2. London-Perth, Qantas, 9,008 miles
  3. Dubai-Auckland, Emirates, 8,824 miles
  4. Los Angeles-Singapore, United Airlines, 8,770 miles
  5. Houston-Sydney, United Airlines, 8,596 miles
  6. Sydney-Dallas, Qantas, 8,578 miles
  7. Atlanta-Johannesburg, Delta, 8,439 miles
  8. San Francisco-Singapore, United Airlines & Singapore Airlines, 8,446 miles
  9. Abu Dhabi-Los Angeles, Etihad, 8,390 miles
  10. Dubai-Los Angeles, Emirates, 8,339 miles

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By Hugh Morris, Travel News Editor.
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