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April 25, 2018

Premier Online Cruise Marketplace Offers Intelligent Tool to Recommend Cruise Choices

CruiseCompete's New Virtual Cruise Advisor Helps Vacationers Find the Cruise That's Right for Them

When it comes to planning a cruise, the choices are many.

Cruise ships: 400

Cruise ports: 2,397 in 172 countries

Itineraries to choose from: 10,531

Making a decision: Intimidating

"The explosive growth of the industry has resulted in a stunning array of cruise options to meet the vacation dreams of millions of different people," says Bob Levinstein, CEO of "But having all of those options can make it a challenge to choose the right cruise.

In response, CruiseCompete has developed its Virtual Cruise Advisor™, a quick and easy way to narrow cruise searches down to a handful of recommendations. Travelers can simply check a few boxes about when and where they want to cruise and the type of vacation experience they're looking for, and the Virtual Cruise Advisor delivers custom recommendations that match their desires.

Each cruise recommendation includes:

  • Ship information, including a written description, deck plans, and reviews from past passengers;
  • Cruise line information, including atmosphere and onboard experience, type of clientele, and policies about children onboard;
  • A detailed sailing itinerary, plus the shore excursions available in each port;
  • Special deals offered on that sailing.

Once the Virtual Cruise Advisor has delivered a cruise selection, it's very easy to create a quote request in the CruiseCompete system and have multiple, independent travel agents respond with their best offers for that sailing.

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