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May 30, 2018

A Moment Frozen in Time
SunTrust Park Tour

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - The home of MLB's Atlanta Braves, SunTrust Park features Monument Garden located on the main concourse behind home plate. The exhibit blends Braves photos, history and memorabilia with water, light and A/V elements. Pictured here, the statue of Hank Aaron captures the moment of impact between the ball and bat as he hit his 715th home run, breaking Babe Ruth's career home-run record. On the wall behind the statue, a video replays that very moment on April 8, 1974 while the sculpture below, made with 755 Hank Aaron Louisville Slugger baseball bats, commemorates Aaron's career home run total.

Monument Garden is available during games to ticket holders and is also a stop on the tour of SunTrust Park. Tours are available year-round; adult tickets cost $20. The cost of adult tour tickets for groups of 20 or more is $15.

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