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June 13, 2018

New ‘Timeshifter’ App Helps Travelers Combat Jet Lag
Timeshifter announced the debut of its eponymously named app that helps travelers fight jet lag.

The app uses research in sleep and circadian neuroscience and was developed in partnership with an expert in circadian rhythms at Harvard Medical School, Steven Lockley.

The app creates an individualized plan that helps travelers overcome jetlag by rapidly resynchronizing the circadian rhythm to the new time zone.

“The two things that set Timeshifter apart are the practicality filter and the Quick Turnaround filter,” Mickey Beyer-Clausen, the company’s CEO, told Frequent Business Traveler. “We need to make sure that the advice we give people is practical.”

Timeshifter is available for both iOS and Android devices. An annual subscription is $24.99.

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By Anna Breuer.
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