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June 27, 2018

Americas Have the Largest Number of Hotel Projects Worldwide
The Americas have the largest project count in the global construction pipeline, according to Lodging Econometrics.

The region has a total of 6,268 hotel projects with 800,298 guestrooms in the pipeline. Asia-Pacific has follows with 4,205 hotel projects. However, the region has a greater number of guestrooms under development with 907,867 in the pipeline. The EMEA ranks last with 2,241 hotel projects and 430,837 guestrooms.

The U.S. is the country with the largest project count totaling 5,255 hotel projects and 636,674 guestrooms. The market accounts for 41 percent of the projects in the global pipeline. China follows behind with 2,481 hotel projects and 546,424 guestrooms, accounting for 20 percent of the global pipeline. Most of the projects in the global pipeline are concentrated within these two countries, accounting for 61 percent of the pipeline.

The country with the third largest project count is Indonesia, which has a pipeline of 394 hotel projects with 66,154 guestrooms. Germany follows Indonesia with 246 hotel projects and 47,927 guestrooms. The U.K. also has 246 hotel projects in the pipeline. However, the country still comes in last due to guestroom count, which totals 36,585.

New York has the largest pipeline project count in terms of cities with 169 hotel projects and 29,641 guestrooms. Dubai has the second largest project count with 161 hotel projects, but exceeds New York's guestroom numbers with 46,420 in the pipeline. Dallas is ranked third with 159 hotel projects and 19,149 guestrooms while Houston has 148 hotel projects and 16,158 guestrooms in the pipeline. Shanghai completes the list of top cities in the global pipeline with 129 hotel projects and 25,750 guestrooms.

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