Festivals and Events. For exact festival dates, contact the local visitors bureaus here

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Map Call Festival/Event City Founded Rate Range Festival Month
Market Street Festival Meridian & Pines Columbus 1996 Free May
Neshoba County Fair Meridian & Pines Philadelphia 1889 $$ Jul-Aug
Art 'n Antiques Show & Sale Meridian & Pines Columbus 1972 $ Nov
Jimmie Rodgers Music Festival Meridian & Pines Meridian 1952 Varies Apr
State Games of Mississippi Meridian & Pines Meridian 1992 Varies May-Jun
African-American Heritage Tour Meridian & Pines Columbus $ Feb
Columbus Spring Pilgrimage Meridian & Pines Columbus 1940 $$$ Mar-Apr
Prairie Arts Festival Meridian & Pines West Point 1978 Free Sep
Black Prairie Blues Festival Meridian & Pines West Point 1995 $$ Sep
Merrehopes Trees of Christmas Meridian & Pines Meridian 1968 $ Nov-Dec
Choctaw Indian Fair Meridian & Pines Philadelphia 1949 $-$$ Jul
Aberdeen Spring Pilgrimage Meridian & Pines Aberdeen 1975 $$$ Apr
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