November 08, 2023

2023’s Best Places to Go for Thanksgiving – WalletHub Study

With consumers spending hundreds of dollars on Thanksgiving travel and celebrations each year, WalletHub released its report on the Best Places to Go for Thanksgiving in 2023, along with a Thanksgiving Fun Facts infographic, to help people maximize their enjoyment.

Top 20 Cities for Thanksgiving
1. San Francisco, CA 11. Mesa, AZ
2. San Jose, CA 12. Gilbert, AZ
3. San Diego, CA 13. Los Angeles, CA
4. Scottsdale, AZ 14. San Antonio, TX
5. Raleigh, NC 15. Orlando, FL
6. Atlanta, GA 16. Chesapeake, VA
7. Phoenix, AZ 17. Dallas, TX
8. Las Vegas, NV 18. Louisville, KY
9. Greensboro, NC 19. Charlotte, NC
10. Virginia Beach, VA 20. Tucson, AZ

Thanksgiving Fun Facts for 2023

Thanksgiving Fun Facts for 2023

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