January 05, 2022

50 Best Places to Travel in 2022

Travel Lemming’s team reveals a unique set of picks for the best places to travel in 2022 – with a focus on the world’s best emerging and underrated destinations.

1. Querétaro, Mexico
Move over Valle de Guadalupe, there’s a new Napa Valley of Mexico

Winemaking is absolutely booming in this quiet Mexican state, thanks to Querétaro’s many microclimates. In between hopping vineyards, you’ll encounter lush rainforests perfect for nature lovers and arid deserts dotted with historic pueblos magicos. The stunning architecture and world-class restaurants of its capital city, Santiago de Querétaro, beckon if you somehow tire of the countryside’s ever-changing landscapes. With 2 hour-long direct flights from Houston and Dallas, Querétaro makes for the perfect international weekend getaway.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

2. North Cascades National Park, Washington
This remote wilderness is what hiker’s dreams are made of

Treat yourself to some of the most unparalleled beauty in the country by adding North Cascades National Park to your list of places to travel in 2022. This rugged paradise is one of the least visited national parks in the US, meaning it’s perfect for travelers seeking an outdoor excursion without the crowds. Known for its enormous glacial system (the largest in the lower 48), enchanting alpine lakes, and jagged snow-capped mountains, hikers, backpackers, and anyone who ventures into the park are in for the experience of a lifetime.
-Chelsea B., Travel Lemming Writer

3. Prince Edward Island, Canada
Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island is perfect for a laid-back coastal getaway
Don’t be fooled by Prince Edward Island’s small size, because what this eastern Canadian province lacks in square footage it makes up for in beautiful vistas, inspiring festivals, top-notch gastronomy, and incredibly friendly locals. With coastal culture dripping out of every nook and cranny, visitors will learn all about Canadian history between hitting the beach and hiking to centuries-old lighthouses.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

4. Silverton, Colorado
A mountain town that celebrates the past and present of the Wild West

Designated a National Historic Landmark, visiting the well-preserved frontier town of Silverton feels like stepping back in time. Though the mines are now converted tourist attractions and the brothels have become hotels, the Victorian-era architecture and Narrow Gauge Railroad still provide glimpses into the early American West. Nestled in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, Silverton is also a premier location for outdoor adventure. From moderate hikes and rafting tours to adrenaline-pumping heli-drops into Silverton Mountain Ski Area, you’ll be sure to discover fun and excitement in this lesser-traveled destination.
-Abigail N., Travel Lemming Writer

5. Aguada, Puerto Rico
Both a coastal and mountainous city, Aguada is a box of surprises

Most tourists pass right through it on their way to Rincon, but those who dare to travel off the beaten path will be dazzled by Aguada. You’ll find some of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches nearby, and Aguada’s fashion district is growing by the day, offering dozens of boutiques for shopaholics. Chocolate lovers can enjoy a visit to a cacao farm while curious travelers will discover unique sights such as a pyramid, the only Earthship community center on the island, and the ruins of World War II cannons on a beach.
-Vanessa R., Travel Lemming Writer

6. Duluth, Minnesota
A foodie paradise perfect for tasting local craft beers and freshly smoked meats

A port city on Lake Superior, Duluth is a treasure trove of locally-sourced food and drinks. From craft beers to artisan eateries in the Lincoln Park Craft District, Duluth has plenty to satisfy your tastebuds. But food isn’t the only reason to add Duluth to your 2022 travel destination list. While there, you’ll also want to watch tall ships enter the port, go skiing or snowboarding at Spirit Mountain, and get a glimpse of migrating raptors at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory. With so much to do in this quaint city, Duluth makes for the perfect weekend getaway.
-Jessica H., Travel Lemming Writer

7. Mljet Island, Croatia
Picture-perfect villages, lush forests, and friendly locals make this the perfect place to relax and get away from it all

Located just a quick ferry ride from Dubrovnik, Croatia’s Mljet Island is covered in dense forest, saltwater lakes, rocky coves, and ancient settlements. Set apart from Croatia’s teeming tourist trail, the island offers an aura of tranquility and relaxation perfect for the adventurous, yet laid-back, traveler. Expect excellent sunsets, leisurely bike rides, adventurous hikes, fresh seafood, and chats with locals.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

8. St John, US Virgin Islands
A tropical postcard destination without the hassle of leaving the United States

The US Virgin Islands are open for business with minimal hassle for entry to US citizens – a commodity sparingly found in the Caribbean these days. Of the four main islands within the US territory, St John is our favorite offering a unique island vibe that stands apart from the others. The island’s two small villages, Cruz Bay and Coral Bay, are lined with beachfront bars filled with weathered sailors with tales to tell, mainland misfits escaping the stresses of reality, and awestruck visitors soaking it all in. Covering 60% of the island is Virgin Islands National Park featuring miles of hiking trails through lush tropical forests, a plethora of historical ruins and ancient artifacts, and the most pristine white-sand beaches in the Caribbean.
-Andrew B., Travel Lemming Writer

9. Albuquerque, New Mexico
A city full of beauty and culture, if you know where to look

Though Albuquerque may not have been the first on your list of American cities to visit in previous years, it definitely should be in 2022. With the magnificent Sandia Mountains as a backdrop, you’ll find natural and cultural wonders in Albuquerque such as tantalizing New Mexican green chiles, innovative local breweries, and unique art and sculptures.
-Jasmine P., Travel Lemming Writer

10. Isla Holbox, Mexico
Whatever you do, don’t call this tropical Mexican paradise the “next Tulum”

A quiet sandbar on the tip of the Yucatan peninsula, Isla Holbox is the place to go for swimming with whale sharks, kayaking through a bioluminescent bay, and living life car-free — only golf carts and bicycles ply on the unpaved dirt roads. As the sargassum problem along the Riviera Maya continues to rise, many beachgoers have turned to Holbox’s pristine – and mostly seaweed-free – beaches. The rapid pace of development in Holbox is admittedly a bit concerning (Margaritaville recently opened a location). But the local community of Holboxeños seems genuinely committed to ensuring Isla Holbox doesn’t go the way of Tulum, 2021’s poster child for over-tourism.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

11. Knoxville, Tennessee
Enjoy the great outdoors without leaving the city

Knoxville, a Tennessee city often overlooked by visitors, delivers – especially in these times when outdoor travel is trending. Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness is a 1000 acre wilderness area with miles of trails and multiple parks. Surprisingly, the area is only minutes from the heart of the city. Knoxville makes a great weekend trip from Nashville, or a place to visit in its own right in 2022.
-Elizabeth D., Travel Lemming Writer

12. Port Townsend, Washington
A Victorian town with big-city energy makes it easy to fall in love with Port Townsend

Preserved Victorian buildings, a robust maritime culture, and a 430-acre military base-turned-state park make picturesque Port Townsend worth a double-take. Once poised to be the “New York of the West,” this small port town fought through many economic downturns and continues to pull in visitors searching for a unique Pacific Northwest getaway. A wealth of exciting festivals (including a Steampunk Fest and annual Wooden Boat Festival), eclectic shops, delicious dining options, and friendly locals cement Port Townsend as a worthy destination for savvy travelers in 2022.
-Chelsea B., Travel Lemming Writer

13. San Luis Obispo, California
This central coast town boasts beaches, mountain hikes, and renowned wineries alike

San Luis Obispo often gets overlooked as a blip on the map somewhere between LA and San Francisco, but this charming central coast destination deserves recognition of its own accord. Because San Luis Obispo is a laid back small town with tons of outdoor activities, it has recently become a more popular destination for people looking for covid-friendly trips. This quaint college town is trendy and inviting and the surrounding hills contain beautiful landscapes, secluded beaches, great hikes, and some fantastic wineries.
-Ashleigh B., Travel Lemming Writer

14. Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Olympic City USA has plenty to offer, indoors and out

Colloquially known as The Olympic City, USA, Colorado Springs is on the well-trod map during Olympic years, when The Olympic and Paralympic Training Center and Museum operate in full force, but there’s more to this city than first meets the eye. In particular, Colorado Springs has seen several new and revamped attractions in recent years, from the Great Wolf Lodge with its indoor waterpark to the newly reopened Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Plus, thanks to Garden of the Gods and other parks, you’ll find plenty of outdoor adventure options like rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking, without the crowds and expense of nearby Denver. Then again, you’re close enough to pop up to Denver for a day to visit, too.
-Laura F., Travel Lemming Writer

15. Jupiter, Florida
The village of Jupiter provides old Florida charm amidst a sprawling metropolis

Although part of the greater Miami area, the Village of Jupiter has successfully staved off the predations of urban development creeping up the South Florida coast. Jupiter’s beaches are free of the resorts typically shadowing over Florida’s sandy shores while still providing all the amenities you could ask for on a beach vacation. The natural beauty surrounding the city is seldom found in the region, so nature lovers will enjoy hiking through subtropical environments, diving pristine coral reefs, and paddling with manatees through mangrove forests.
-Andrew B., Travel Lemming Writer

16. Cambodia
A long underrated destination deserving of your tourism dollars now more than ever

While covid-19 humbled wealthy nations across the globe, Cambodia, against all odds, largely kept it in check. This tiny Southeast Asian nation is now betting that its nearly 90% vaccination rate will help its tourism industry recover. If you’ve ever dreamed of exploring Angkor Wat without a soul in sight, 2022 may well be your last best chance. Cambodia offers much more besides its iconic ruins, though. Explore the bustling metropolis of Phnom Penh, dine on exquisite French cuisine in the jungle river hideaway of Kampot, or relax in some of the most crystal clear water we’ve ever seen on the gorgeous islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

17. Alberta Badlands, Canada
Dinosaurs, striking landscapes, and ancient Indigenous history make the Badlands truly unique

Featuring endless hoodoos, dinosaur skeletons, ancient petroglyphs and pictographs, museums, and rugged landscapes, the Alberta Badlands are easily one of the most enchanting regions of Canada. Located east of the Rocky Mountains, the badland area is the epitome of Canada’s “wild west” and is perfect for hikers, photographers, and dinosaur enthusiasts alike.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

18. Utuado, Puerto Rico
Forget the city lights, the nature of Utuado will captivate you

Nestled away in Puerto Rico’s lush mountainous center, the tiny town of Utuado is perfectly poised to take advantage of the continued trend of outdoor tourism. Nature lovers won’t get enough of exploring the surrounding area’s natural wonders, filled with thrilling hikes and spectacular adventures like cave tubing. Meanwhile, connoisseurs will love hopping vineyards to taste locally made wine, or taking coffee tours at the haciendas.
-Vanessa R., Travel Lemming Writer

19. Margaret River, Western Australia
One of the world’s most underrated wine regions

While most people think of Sydney, Melbourne, or the Great Barrier Reef when planning a trip to Australia, if you enjoy wine tasting and natural landscapes, then put Western Australia’s Margaret River on your itinerary for 2022. Though this wine region is fairly young, it has recently been making waves due to its unique geography, ancient soils, and sustainable focus. But even if you’re not a wine-lover, Western Australia is home to a wide variety of outdoor activities offered across coastal towns and inland oases alike such as surfing, caving, and whale watching. Keep in mind that Western Australia is as vast as it is wide, but Margaret River, just 3 hours south of Perth, makes for an easily-reachable getaway.
-Jess L., Travel Lemming Writer

20. Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara is the understated crown jewel of the California coastline

Whether you want to go wine tasting at trendy local spots or kayak through islands off the California coast, Santa Barbara is the perfect place to travel in 2022. For the nature enthusiasts out there, you can enjoy strolls through the lush gardens of Lotusland, or take the ferry over to explore the Channel Islands (sometimes called the “Galapagos of North America”). Head downtown to State Street for fresh-caught seafood and local wine, then catch live music at a low-key bar. Known as the American Riviera, Santa Barbara blends Spanish-influenced architecture with classic California beach style.
-Victoria F., Travel Lemming Writer

21. Stanley, Idaho
Warm up to the coldest place in the continental United States

Despite its “Gem State” moniker, most travelers disregard Idaho, known for rural farmland and frigid temperatures. But, with the pandemic spurring greater interest in outdoor recreation, Stanley, a tiny mountain town at the base of the Sawtooth National Forest, is gaining popularity. Hot springs percolate along the winding Salmon River, and hikers encounter no one but the creatures that inhabit the area when trekking remote trails to alpine lakes. Truly one of the few wild places left in the United States, Stanley is a nature-lover’s paradise.
-Abigail N., Travel Lemming Writer

22. Japan
Regain your sense of wonder and awe when the sun (hopefully) rises on Japan’s tourism industry

Though Japan didn’t quite get the Olympic tourism boom it had hoped for this past year, its relatively strong pandemic response positions it to be one of the best places to travel abroad in 2022. Of course, you’ll need to wait for Japan to reopen its borders, recently shut due to Omicron. But with world-class cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, and gorgeous rural areas such as Kamikochi, Hakone, and Yakushima, there is truly something in Japan for everyone.

A longstanding practice in Japan, Kintsugi is the art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted in gold — embracing the damage and making it even more beautiful. As international travel restrictions (hopefully) continue to ease, there’s no better time than the present to regain your wanderlust and embody the message of kintsugi through new experiences in a place with a ton of heart.
-Jess L., Travel Lemming Writer

23. Nevada City, California
A historic mountain town surrounded by enchanting, secluded rivers

If you ask a person on the street where Nevada City is, certainly they wouldn’t guess California. But this gem of a town is indeed in The Golden State – northern California to be specific – and it has a ton on offer. With well-preserved nature, wild west history, and culture, you’ll find eclectic gold mining towns, stretches of stunning hidden rivers, and incredible forests and hiking trails. Even better? This secluded area has remained more or less a tourism secret, making it one of the best 2022 travel destinations away from California’s more over-touristed hubs.
-Ashleigh B., Travel Lemming Writer

24. Roswell, New Mexico
The perfect spot to embrace your quirkiness

If you have an interest in aliens and crave the occasional small-town vibe, then Roswell is for you. The rich UFO history of the town will intrigue even the most skeptical, and you’ll be surprised by how much fun can be had embracing the mystery surrounding the 1947 “incident.” Take a drive through the historic houses or enjoy the nearby state park. With its local airport, Roswell makes for an unexpectedly accessible weekend getaway destination.
-Jasmine P., Travel Lemming Writer

25. Edmonton, Canada
This Alberta city is rich with art, festivals, and western Canadian culture

Though often overlooked in favor of Alberta’s mountainous region, Edmonton is a gem on the Canadian Prairies. With a decidedly western flair, the city is home to roughly one million people and truly has it all: historical sites, fabulous shopping, a thriving arts scene, nightlife, major league sports teams, and a steady flow of festivals. Plus, being slightly more off the radar than other major Canadian cities, Edmonton is easy to explore on a budget.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

26. West Michigan
A secret summer destination open to anyone seeking a freshwater beach vacation

West Michigan probably doesn’t come to mind when thinking about your next beach vacation. However, every summer the sandy shores of Lake Michigan are packed with visitors and locals alike after months of winter-induced sunlight deprivation. Lakefront towns, with their small Midwestern charm, come to life as ice cream shops, corner cafes, and microbreweries occupying decades-old buildings fling their shutters open from a long winter. The region’s emerging craft beer scene is headlined by the fantastic breweries in Grand Rapids.
-Andrew B., Travel Lemming Writer

27. Malaysia
Southeast Asia’s melting pot is preparing to welcome the world again

Malaysia took covid seriously. It’s one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet and, as of this article’s publication, is actually still mostly closed to foreign visitors. But the government has promised to open in January, 2022, and those first few travelers who visit are likely to find that some of Southeast Asia’s most pristine beaches are their own private retreats. Travelers will find natural wonders and historical sites at every turn, plus an unparalleled melting pot of cultures and cuisines. If you always wondered what traveling Southeast Asia was like before the era of mass tourism, you just might have the chance to find out in Malaysia in 2022.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

28. Asheville, North Carolina
The perfect travel destination for historic elegance, fall foliage, and plenty of biscuits and gravy

A unique juxtaposition of energies, Asheville, North Carolina gracefully blends being both an artsy hub and an outdoor-lovers oasis, with craft beer and lush mountains at nearly every turn. In fact, last year USA Today listed Asheville as one of the top 10 beer cities in the country, thanks to the more than 35 breweries in town and 60 in the surrounding area. Foodies also rave about the casual Southern cuisine as well as the high-end culinary offerings. You can visit Asheville for a weekend or a week and never run out of things to do, making it a fantastic choice for where to travel in 2022.
-Katie L., Travel Lemming Writer

29. Buenos Aires, Argentina
A resilient world-class city, ready to re-emerge onto the global tourism stage

Aerial view of Palermo in Buenos Aires With the city’s many hotels and attractions still fairly empty, and with the dollar at an all-time high against the peso, there’s never been a better time for Americans to travel to Buenos Aires. Take in a tango show in Puerto Madero, test your senses at Teatro Ciego (the “blind theatre” where plays are performed in total darkness), or stroll the streets of the Recoleta barrio, admiring some of the most fantastic architecture in the Southern Hemisphere. Whatever you do on your visit, traveling to Buenos Aires in 2022 will offer you an opportunity to experience the city in a way you might never get to again – and to be a positive part of a tourism recovery story for a place that needs it.
-Clara K., Travel Lemming Photography Editor

30. Mississippi Gulf Coast
Prepare to find your new favorite beach town

Sometimes referred to as The Secret Coast because of its relatively low number of visitors, the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s over 60 miles of coastline is filled with many uncrowded white sandy beaches. Just an hour’s drive from New Orleans, the Mississippi Gulf Coast will have you enjoying classic beach vibes with a distinctly cajun flair. For added culture, plan your visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast in February – you’ll get to experience King Cake (a pastry-esque sweet cake) and local Mardi Gras parades.
-Elizabeth D., Travel Lemming Writer

31. Bratislava, Slovakia
A colorful European city brimming with arts and culture, Bratislava makes for a great getaway without the crowds

Located along the Danube River at the foothills of the Little Carpathian mountains, Bratislava is known for its rich history, beautiful architecture, lush vineyards, and very serious cafe scene. More off-the-beaten-trail than its western European counterparts, here you’ll find colorful castles, an immaculate old town, and a nightlife scene that competes with the best of them. Plus, this small city has a ton of outdoor activities and patios, making social distancing easy.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

32. Birmingham, Alabama
Foodies, there’s a new culinary capital emerging in the southeast

Birmingham’s culinary scene seems to have exploded overnight. Besides traditional Southern cuisine, the city offers an array of foodie delights. Birmingham has James Beard-award-winning restaurants and authentic international cuisines. Locals have enjoyed Birmingham’s food scene for years, but the rest of the US is catching on. In fact, Condé Nast Travel also selected Birmingham as one of its top places to travel in 2022 – and we couldn’t agree more.
-Elizabeth D., Travel Lemming Writer

33. Basque Country (Pías Vasco), Spain
Visit Spain’s northern coast for gorgeous scenery, charming towns, and fewer crowds

Basque Country, Spain’s stunning northern coastal region that shares a section of border with France, is one of the country’s most overlooked areas. Avoid the droves of tourists flocking to Barcelona and Madrid and instead opt for a visit to this autonomous region for a more authentic experience. Here, you’ll find breathtaking coast, rich culture, historic beach towns, and delicious pintxos (Basque’s Country’s version of tapas).
-Ashleigh B., Travel Lemming Writer

34. Chile
An outdoor paradise with one of the world’s leading booster campaigns

If you are desperate to finally travel somewhere abroad in 2022 but are (understandably) worried about Omicron, then you might consider Chile. Nearly 90% of the population is vaccinated, and half have already been boosted. The country is also perfectly positioned for outdoor travel. Trek through some of the world’s most remote mountains in Patagonia, stargaze at the Milky Way in the Atacama desert, admire the Pacific from a terrace in Valparaiso, or chill out on the beaches of Viña del Mar.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

35. Ellensburg, Washington
The center of Washington is more than meets the eye

Washington’s allure doesn’t end at the Cascade Mountains. In the heart of the state lies Ellensburg, a small college town known both for hosting one of the best rodeos in the country and for the rare blue agate stone found only in its valley. Rich history and a close-knit community characterize the ‘burg. Its quaint downtown has an impressive culinary scene with choice breweries and nearby wineries to quench your thirst. Visit a wind farm, go rockhounding, and hike through forests, mountains, and deserts to experience the diverse beauty of the area.
-Chelsea B., Travel Lemming Writer

36. Fort Collins, Colorado
Chill out in Colorado’s craft beer Capital

Craft beer fans, rejoice! Not only is Fort Collins, Colorado home to the renowned New Belgium Brewing Company, but it also has so many other craft breweries that it’s known as Colorado’s craft beer capital. Not a beer fan? No problem. You can take a stroll through Fort Collins’ Old Town or visit Rocky Mountain National Park just an hour away. There are also plenty of other hiking and biking areas nearby — including Horsetooth Reservoir — which makes limiting time indoors easy.
-Laura F., Travel Lemming Writer

37. Minneapolis, Minnesota
From art galleries to nightlife, this underrated destination offers something for everyone

Full of cultural landmarks and hip bars, Minneapolis is an underrated place to visit in the Midwest. Visitors will love North Loop, also called the Warehouse District because many of its shops and restaurants have been revamped from old warehouses. And history buffs shouldn’t miss Mill District – the fascinating historic district located along the Mississippi River. Whether you want to see a concert, watch a football game, or shop in the largest mall in America, Minneapolis has more to offer than you might think!
-Jessica H., Travel Lemming Writer

38. Valladolid, Mexico
Discover the Yucatan’s hidden gem before the Mayan Train brings the crowds

Despite its location just a few minutes from Chichen Itza, and its previous feature on our 2019 list of emerging destinations, Valladolid continues to remain a relatively obscure travel destination. That’s poised to change in a few years, when Mexico’s Mayan Train project will quickly whisk visitors from Cancun to this “pueblo magico” located deep in the Yucatan jungle. Visitors will find a magical town filled with colorful walls, friendly locals, unique restaurants, and some of the most incredible cenotes and Mayan ruins Mexico has to offer. Beat the crowds by adding Valladolid to your list of places to travel next year.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

39. Azores, Portugal
An Atlantic Ocean oasis ready for relaxation and adventure

The archipelago of nine islands that comprise the Azores region of Portugal offers a variety of unique outdoor experiences for every energy level — from stress-free days of relaxing on the beach to exhilarating activities such as touring a lava tube and canyoning. Plus, the islands take overtourism seriously and have enacted measures to keep it under control. Each island features just one airport, there are limited flights each day, and the government has restricted the number of hotels. The warmth of summer brings in the highest number of tourists, but during the off-season, you may feel like it’s just you and locals in the Azores.
-Katie L., Travel Lemming Writer

40. Guánica, Puerto Rico
Already visited El Yunque? Guánica’s Dry Forest is your next stop

Still recovering from a series of earthquakes that affected the city in 2020, Guánica is the perfect place for eco-tourists looking to be a positive part of the reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s travel industry. The city is right next door to the Guánica State Forest, a United Nations International Biosphere Reserve that’s perfect for a day trip of hiking, birdwatching, and beach diving. In particular, the reserve is home to Ballena Beach – a mostly off-the-beaten-trail spot with turquoise waters and white sand. Just offshore, outdoor enthusiasts will love kayaking to the mangrove island known as “Gilligan’s Island,” while, more inland, photo enthusiasts will go snap-happy at the Finca El Girasol sunflower farm.
-Vanessa R., Travel Lemming Writer

41. Vancouver Island, Canada
Lush forests, bohemian communities, and marine lifestyles are the name of the game on Vancouver Island

A British Columbian island in the southwestern corner of Canada, Vancouver Island is full of prehistoric sites, bohemian surfing villages, expansive forests, and off-grid artsy communities. With the elegant city of Victoria at the helm, the island is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts with world-class hikes, kayaking tours, whale watching experiences, expertly-manicured gardens, and surfing on offer.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

42. Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Chase spectacular waterfalls in the Little Yellowstone of Minnesota

This little-known destination is a nature lover’s dream. Within Redwood Falls, you’ll find the expansive Alexander Ramsey Park. It’s been nicknamed the Little Yellowstone of Minnesota because of its size. Great for camping and hiking, this park also holds the gorgeous waterfall Ramsey Falls. There is also a zoo within the park with common Minnesota animals like elk, deer and buffalo. Redwood Falls is a hidden gem where you can enjoy a serene vacation in the woods.
-Jessica H., Travel Lemming Writer

43. Nigeria
A tapestry of nature and culture that’s been underrated for too long

Until the global vaccine equity crisis is addressed, many countries on the African continent will unfortunately remain risky places to travel in 2022. While Nigeria is no exception to this reality, for intrepid travelers looking to get off the beaten path, it does offer one of the most complex and fascinating travel experiences on the planet. The country is home to some of the best wildlife reserves in the world, and also to one of its most populous cities. Loud, complex, and colorful, you could spend the entire year traveling Nigeria and still barely scratch the surface.
-Nate H., Travel Lemming Founder

44. Boston, Massachusetts
Steeped in American history, Boston is a quintessential east coast destination

Boston is best known for its pivotal role in American history, but offers much more than just significant sites for history buffs. The North End is home to Boston’s Little Italy, where you can indulge in delicious, authentic food and late-night cappuccinos. Sports fans can visit the historic Fenway Park, the oldest baseball stadium in Major League Baseball. As crowds flock to New York City, head north to Boston where you can walk along quiet cobblestone roads and witness oak and maple trees burst with warm color during the fall. With a vaccination rate of nearly 90%, Boston makes about as safe a place to travel in 2022 as you’ll find anywhere in the US.
-Victoria F., Travel Lemming Writer

45. Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
An artistic village nestled in California’s Central Coast

Home to one of the state’s most well-preserved and maintained Spanish missions, Carmel Mission Basilica, Carmel-by-the-Sea California is where you’ll find gorgeous gardens, charming beaches, and fairytale-like cottages amidst a village of galleries. A hidden gem along California’s central coast, this charming town is less than 3 hours from both San Luis Obispo and San Francisco, making it easily accessible whether you’re coming from near or far.
-Jess L., Travel Lemming Writer

46. Florida Keys
Visit the Caribbean without the hassle of international flights and testing

The Florida Keys have always been a popular vacation destination, but the islands will see even more interest in 2022 as people crave a domestic tropical getaway. Flying into Miami gives you the opportunity to take in one of the most beautiful road trips in America across the Overseas Highway. Whether you want to snorkel in Key Largo, party in Key West, or relax in Islamorada, you can enjoy a full island vacation without needing to deal with a passport or crossing international borders.
-Katie L., Travel Lemming Writer

47. Liverpool, United Kingdom
A coastal city in Northwestern England, Liverpool is for music fans, soccer buffs, and history aficionados alike

Diehard fans of the Beatles probably already know a thing or two about Liverpool, but for those new to this eclectic England city, prepare to be enchanted. Beatles-lovers can’t miss catching a show at the Cavern Club, visiting the Beatles Story Museum, and snapping some photos at Strawberry Field. But apart from its musical history, some of the other best things to do include strolling the Tate Liverpool art gallery, catching a football (soccer) game at Anfield Stadium, and going shopping on Bold Street. No matter how you choose to spend your time in Liverpool, you’ll be glad you bumped this city to the top of your travel list in 2022.
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

48. Wonder Valley, California
Go off the grid in this artist enclave

A Mojave Desert community of artists, musicians, and other creatives, Wonder Valley, California became a beacon for remote-working LA residents at the beginning of the pandemic. For visitors, this laid-back unincorporated area northeast of Palm Springs has plenty of character and great outdoor things to do, including dirt biking, hiking, and rock climbing. Embrace the oasis and add Wonder Valley to your best places to travel in 2022.
-Laura F., Travel Lemming Writer

49. Wallowa Lake, Oregon
The outdoor enthusiast’s dream destination for 2022

Wallowa Lake is a serene, off-the-beaten-path getaway in the Pacific Northwest. Secluded and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can enjoy swimming or kayaking on the lake, hiking in the mountains, or relaxing by a campfire. Balance your outside activities by stopping at local restaurants and breweries or grabbing some ice cream.
-Jasmine P., Travel Lemming Writer

50. Winnipeg, Canada
A bustling city in central Canada with artistic neighborhoods, world-class museums, and a ton of heart

Though often overlooked in favor of larger Canadian cities, Winnipeg has further cemented itself in recent years as a gem on the prairies. While the city is best known for its excellent arts and culture scene — it’s home to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and some incredible museums, after all — prepare to be immersed in varied Manitoban history, the local craft beer scene, and signature Manitoba hospitality. It’s not known as “friendly Manitoba” for nothing!
-Taylor H., Travel Lemming Editor

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