September 01, 2021

51 Million Americans Have Labor Day Travel Plans, With Florida as the Top Destination According to a Survey

Another 29 million Americans canceled Labor Day travel plans due to delta variant concerns.

Although the delta variant continues to affect many, ValuePenguin's survey of U.S. consumers showed that Americans aren't ready to pack away their luggage regardless of coronavirus developments and others may be shying away from travel for now. One of the top destinations for Labor Day weekend? Florida.

Key findings:

  • One in 5 (20%) of Americans — 51 million — are traveling for Labor Day. Those most likely to travel include six-figure earners (32%), parents with kids under 18 (30%) and Gen Xers (25%).
  • But 29 million (11%) have had to cancel plans (or had them canceled) due to delta variant concerns.
  • Florida is the top Labor Day travel destination among those heading out-of-state. About 4 in 10 travelers (38%) are going to another state, with 12% traveling to Florida. California and New York are the next top vacation spots (both tied at 8%).
  • Hotels and resorts are the most popular lodging choice among Labor Day travelers (44% will stay at one), beating out vacation rentals and staying with friends or family. As for how they'll get there, most (70%) will drive while 23% will fly.
  • Less than 40% of Labor Day travelers plan to mask up both indoors and outdoors during their trip. Instead, 27% will only wear a mask while indoors, 17% when required (such as on a plane) and 17% won't wear one at all.
  • Because you never know… 57% of Labor Day travelers insured their trip. That includes 38% who purchased a travel insurance policy and 19% who get travel insurance via their credit card.

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