July 07, 2021

6 Digital Advertising Trends to Accelerate Travel's Covid-19 Recovery

Significant industry news from recent, 27-page SOJERN/SKIFT STUDY recognizes Multi-Generational Travel Reunions + Online Changing Privacy Rules + Shifts in Distribution + Revised Metrics + DMO Collaboration with Local Businesses + More Equitable and Sustainable Future.

  1. Travel Brands are Evolving to Meet the Needs of the Post-Covid Consumer
  2. Changing Privacy Rules are Pushing Advertisers Into New Territory
  3. Shifts in Digital Distribution Models Will Shake Up Ad Strategies
  4. New Measurements Will Alter the Marketing Data Landscape
  5. Collaboration Will Be Crucial for Destination Marketers
  6. Travel Marketers Imagine a More Equitable and Sustainable Future

  • On item #1, page 9... To Meet the Needs of the Post-Covid Consumer, Study quotes: "In 2021, we’ve seen interest in multi-generational travel to reunite families who have been separated by the pandemic."

  • On item #2, page 12-13... "Changing Privacy Rules are addressed by Study, and the importance of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance."

    On item #2, page 14..."...Third party cookies (the advertising tags marketers use to track consumer behavior across the web) disappear! Without third-party tracking abilities, travel brands need to turbocharge their ability to direct consumers to their websites and convert site traffic into bookings"

    On item #2...page 15 "Content creation will get advertisers back to basics by once more elevating traditional KPIs such as click-through rates."

  • On item #3, page 17...Shifts in Digital Distribution Models Will Shake Up Ad Strategies. "Search results that once would have prioritized paid travel ads at the top of the page were suddenly dominated by free search results during the pandemic."

  • On item #4...page 21...Revised Metrics Reflect the Changing Data Landscape “Digital branding campaigns are less expensive, more flexible, and easier to track, But these campaigns also require different KPIs and metrics."

  • On item #5...page 23...Collaboration Will be Crucial for Destination Marketers "DMOs sit at the helm of collaborative campaigns, helping local businesses with fewer resources stretch their limited contributions further."

  • On item #6...page 24...More Equitable and Sustainable Future "...consumers voted with their dollars and actively sought to support businesses that aligned with their ideals and values."
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