April 13, 2016

Ad Blocking is Bad for Programmatic Advertising

Ad blocking is one of the top problems with programmatic advertising

Three in four US marketers say that ad blocking will have a negative effect on the programmatic advertising ecosystem, according to February 2016 research.

Effect of Ad Blocking on the Programmatic Advertising Ecosystem

RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age surveyed 1,960 US marketers and asked them what effect ad blocking has on the programmatic advertising space. The largest share of respondents, 58%, said it has a somewhat negative effect, and 20% of marketers said it has a significantly negative effect.

Still, some marketers believe ad blocking is actually good for programmatic. Indeed, 6% said that ad blocking has a somewhat positive effect, and 2% said the effect is significantly positive.

Problems with Programmatic Advertising According to US Senior Ad Buyers, Dec 2015 (% of respondents)

According to separate research from Cowen and Company, ad blocking is one of the top problems plaguing US senior ad buyers who are investing in programmatic advertising. While 57% of respondents listed multidevice measurement as a problem for programmatic, topping the list, ad fraud and ad blocking ranked second.

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