September 14, 2022

Airlines Abandoning Small Airports More Than Just a Trend

They say that it takes three times for something to happen to consider it a trend.

What about 20 times that?

The nation’s three largest domestic airlines – American, Delta, and United – have eliminated service at 59 smaller U.S. airlines since the onset of the pandemic in March of 2020, according to Business Insider.

That’s a figure that has become more than just a trend but rather a disturbing, regular occurrence. It’s been a perfect storm of pilot and staffing shortages vs. an overwhelming return of the flying public, a situation that has been building long before the pandemic – but exacerbated by the effects of the virus.

Most of the service cuts have been to airlines’ regional carriers, but nonetheless, they served a critical role in bringing passengers to larger hubs. According to Business Insider, Delta has exited 13 airports, American has left 14, and United no longer serves 32 facilities.

Business Insider broke it down among the three major carriers:


Oakland, California
New Haven, Connecticut
Dubuque, Iowa
Sioux Falls, Iowa
Duluth, Minnesota
Meridian, Mississippi
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Joplin, Missouri
Islip, New York
Ithaca, New York
Stewart, New York
Toledo, Ohio
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Fort Smith, Arkansas
Santa Barbara, California
Durango, Colorado
Grand Junction, Colorado
Peoria, Illinois
Flint, Michigan
Lincoln, Nebraska
Manchester, New Hampshire
Stewart, New York
New Bern, North Carolina
Akron, Ohio
Scranton, Pennsylvania
Erie, Pennsylvania


Texarkana, Arkansas
Flagstaff, Arizona
Santa Rosa, California
Stockton, California
Alamosa, Colorado
Destin, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Twin Falls, Idaho
Evansville, Indiana
Paducah, Kentucky
Alexandria, Louisiana
Monroe, Louisiana
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Lansing, Michigan
Rochester, Minnesota
Columbia, Missouri
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
Kearney, Nebraska
Ogdensburg, New York
Plattsburgh, New York
Pierre, South Dakota
Watertown, South Dakota
Abilene, Texas
College Station, Texas
Killeen, Texas
San Angelo, Texas
Shenandoah, Virginia
Everett, Washington
Clarksburg, West Virginia
Lewisburg, West Virginia
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Mosinee, Wisconsin

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