March 17, 2021

Amadeus Data Alert: Top U.S. Destinations for Spring Break by Hotel Occupancy and Air Travel Booking Volumes

Spring break is here and whether due to the need to get a break from cold winter temperatures, or the excitement to travel again following recent vaccinations, or both, it seems there is an increased interest to travel. Amadeus, a global leader in travel technology, with its unique ability to track forward-looking occupancy in major markets around the world, is seeing a positive trend in U.S. hotel bookings during the month of March.

Overall hotel occupancy remains below 2019 levels, however, the number of markets with over 50% occupancy has tripled since November 2020 with 33 for spring break 2021 compared with only 10 for the Thanksgiving 2020 holiday.

For those who are flying, the majority are leaving cold weather cities (Chicago and New York) and heading to warmer climates. For the other top destination markets, road trips are still popular.

Here is a snapshot of some of the top destinations being booked for hotel stays.

Top 10 Markets Over 50% Hotel Occupancy

  1. Key West, FL – 90%
  2. Oak Harbor, WA – 86%
  3. Emporia, KS – 80%
  4. Marathon, FL – 79%
  5. Auburn/Lewiston, ME – 72%
  6. Sedona, AZ – 70%
  7. Sierra Vista, AZ – 70%
  8. Alpine, TX – 66%
  9. Yuma, AZ – 66%
  10. McAllen, TX – 66%
(Source: Amadeus' Demand360® data as of March 4, 2021)

Top 5 States by Hotel Occupancy

  • Florida – 32%
  • Arizona – 31%
  • Hawaii – 30%
  • Alaska – 26% and Nevada – 26%
  • South Carolina – 25%
(Source: Amadeus' Demand360® data as of March 4, 2021)

Top Destinations U.S. travelers Are Flying to for Spring Break

  • Cancun
  • Miami
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
(Source: Air travel data based on booking volumes with a U.S. city of origin compiled by Amadeus from the four major global GDSs as of March 3, 2021)

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