January 24, 2024

Amadeus Report Shows Confident Start to 2024 for Travel in the Americas

A new report released today by Amadeus in collaboration with UN Tourism shows a positive trend for air travel and hospitality in the Americas at the start of 2024.

Air capacity has increased significantly from January to April 2024

The report – Travel Insights 2024: Focus on the Americas – finds the industry is prepared for a strong start to the year, with air capacity in the region up by 20% over the first four months of the year when compared to the same period of 2023.

Released today, the report draws on Amadeus’ global travel data to provide a comprehensive overview of forward-looking travel industry insights. It takes a deeper look at the Americas to help destinations and travel providers better comprehend travel performance and insights into travelers seeking to travel to the region.

North America takes center stage of top searched destinations across the region – with New York, Cancun and Los Angeles in the lead

For the Americas, the report notes that as of January 8, 2024, Amadeus Search and Booking Analytics shows North America capturing the greatest volume of activity across the subregions with New York, Cancun, and Los Angeles leading the list of top searched destinations.

Additionally, as of January 8, 2024, Amadeus’ Demand360+® data shows hotel demand remains strong across North America with forward-looking occupancy in each of the first four months of the year on par with 2023 occupancy for the same time period, even in the context of shorter booking lead times with 51% of hotel reservations being made within a week of travel.

Argentina emerges as strong outbound market as searches to the US more than double while the Caribbean, Central and South America all continue to see strong interest from the US.

Looking at demand for the four regions:

The top three markets searching for travel to the US are domestic travel, followed by Canada and the UK. It’s also interesting to note that Argentina is growing in importance as a key origin market for US travel with a 159% increase in year-over-year search volumes.

The USA is the top country of origin exploring travel to South and Central America as well as to the Caribbean by a significant margin, with cities such as New York, LA and Toronto leading the searches. Europe is also a key origin region, with Spain and Germany in the top three countries searching for South and Central America respectively.

Hotel occupancy on par with 2023 with shorter lead times, with the Caribbean in the lead.

Hotel occupancy performance in the Americas is closely aligned with 2023 with small differences among subregions.

Booking lead times continue to be shorter than in 2023, giving hoteliers the opportunity to modify their strategies to capture more hotel bookings closer to the date of arrival. With a longer booking lead time window, Amadeus’ Demand360+® data shows hotel occupancy in the Caribbean is trending ahead of the other three subregions for the first four months of 2024.

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