October 18, 2023

Amtrak Introduces the New Amtrak Airo

The production of new Amtrak Airo trains is boosting businesses nationwide as manufacturing ramps up. The creation of new, sustainable, engineering and manufacturing jobs will benefit communities across the country with over 3,500 parts manufactured by nearly 100 suppliers in 31 states.

“As we build to support the soaring demand for train travel, Amtrak Airo is creating jobs even before the trains are on the tracks,” said Amtrak President Roger Harris. “The new trains will not only provide world-class accommodations on routes throughout the country but will stimulate local economies as we revolutionize the Amtrak experience.”

The new trains will elevate the journey with spacious interiors, panoramic windows, plenty of legroom, double and single seats, dedicated outlets, USB ports and onboard Wi-Fi. The trains will also offer greater accessibility with onboard passenger lifts, increased accessible spaces, and enhanced audible and visual messaging that will improve the experience for all customers. The new trains can operate at speeds of up to 125 mph, are more sustainable and offer a seamless transition where time-consuming locomotive changes were previously required.

Amtrak selected Siemens Mobility Inc. in 2021 to manufacture new, state-of-the-art trains that comply with the Federal Railroad Administration Buy America Standards. In Summer 2023, Amtrak executed a contract option for 10 additional trains, bringing the total order to 83.

“Amtrak is an integral part of the fabric of our nation and Amtrak Airo will represent a new level of passenger experience for travelers throughout America. On behalf of our 4,500 team members across North America, we’re proud to be working with Amtrak to design, build, and deliver the future of American rail,” stated Michael Cahill, President of Rolling Stock for Siemens Mobility North America.

The first Amtrak Airo train is scheduled to debut in 2026. Customers will experience new Amtrak Airo trains on these routes:

  • Northeast Regional
  • Empire Service
  • Amtrak Virginia Services
  • Keystone Service
  • Amtrak Downeaster
  • Amtrak Cascades
  • Maple Leaf
  • New Haven-Springfield-Greenfield Service
  • Palmetto
  • Carolinian
  • Pennsylvanian
  • Vermonter
  • Ethan Allen Express
  • Adirondack

A share of Amtrak’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funding will support the procurement of Amtrak Airo, which is part of a larger transformation that will revolutionize the Amtrak experience.

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