May 29, 2024

Blues on Blue

ABlues on Blue

SAN SIMEON, CALIFORNIA – The Hearst Castle, former home of William Randolph Hearst, has 2 ornate swimming pools – the outdoor Neptune Pool (pictured here) and the indoor Roman Pool. Constructed between 1924 and 1936 and restored in 2018, the Neptune Pool holds 345,000 gallons of water, is 104 feet long, 58 feet wide and 95 feet wide at the alcove. It is 3.5 feet deep at the west end and 10 feet at the drains. Stunning architectural features include Vermont marble, Ancient Roman Revival and Greek Revival style pavilions and colonnades, Neoclassical bas-reliefs on the sides of colonnades and gigantic marble sculptures sit on the water's edge. Recently, the pool was open for swimming to Members of The Foundation at Hearst Castle for fundraising experiences.

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