July 28, 2020

Caribou Outnumber People in This Region of the U.S.

Caribou Outnumber People in This Region of the U.S.

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA – A group of caribou swimming across the Kobuk River in Kobuk Valley National Park, Alaska. Photo credit: NPS/Matt Cameron.

In Alaska’s Interior and Arctic, the caribou far outnumber the people. In fact, according to Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Bob Hunter, there are almost five caribou to every one human in Alaska’s Interior and Arctic. These two immense, far north regions of Alaska are home to just over 137,000 souls and over 645,000 majestic caribou.

“A tally of those caribou herds residing primarily in the Interior and Arctic areas comes to 645,687 based on the most recent survey numbers available,” Hunter states. These numbers prove to be an impressive indicator of how untamed and sparsely populated Alaska’s Interior and Arctic remain.

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