September 09, 2020

Carnival Cruise Line Official Teases Possible November Return

A Carnival Cruise Line official announced the company is “extremely hopeful” it will once again offer shortened cruises in November.

Carnival brand ambassador John Heald posted a video on Facebook expressing the cruise line’s excitement for the successful relaunch of voyages by another brand in the Carnival Corporation portfolio, Costa Cruises.

Heald said with the launch of Costa and the upcoming restart of services by AIDA Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line is working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a plan to bring back voyages safely for all passengers and crew members.

“The latest news is we are extremely hopeful that we will cruise in November, and possibly before, on shorter, modified cruises,” Heald said during the video. “And we are working with the CDC, we’ve got very smart people who’ve put a plan together to keep everybody safe and make sure that the fun is going to continue for you.”

While Heald remained tight-lipped on any further details about where ships would be deployed, possible itineraries or launch dates, he said customers would know as soon as Carnival’s return to cruising plans were finalized.

Heald did go on to talk about the importance of the cruise industry to the American economy, saying the company’s ships “provide jobs for thousands of crew members from all over the world.”

“That’s why the cruise industry can not fail,” Heald continued. “That’s why the cruise industry must not and will not fail. Not just because it’s the best vacation experience in the world, but because it has that knock-on effect for thousands of people all over the world.”

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