August 24, 2022

Cedar Point, Knott's Berry Farm Among Parks Debuting Upgrades in 2023

Look out thrill-seekers, Cedar Point is adding a new roller coaster – and that's not all.

The popular Ohio amusement park will debut the Wild Mouse next year in a new themed area called The Boardwalk.

The new ride, Cedar Point's 18th roller coaster experience, will pay homage to the original Wild Mouse coaster that operated in the 1950s and '60s. Much like its predecessor, the modern Wild Mouse will take participants on an unpredictable "cat and mouse" quest to capture the cheese. It will feature six mouse-themed cars and one cheese-themed car. Each four-passenger car will climb 52 feet and ride along a 1,312-foot orange track of hills, twists, dives and hairpin turns.

In addition to the Wild Mouse, The Boardwalk will also be home to The Grand Pavilion, a dining entertainment complex inspired by an 1888 structure of the same name, with new additions and sweeping views of the park and Lake Erie shoreline.

Additionally, two existing attractions, Matterhorn and Scrambler, will relocate to The Boardwalk, and Scrambler will be renamed Atomic Scrambler. The Tiki Twirl will also be renamed after a former park classic, Calypso.

The new attractions are expected to open in May.

What's coming to Cedar Fair parks in 2023

It's all part of the largest capital investment ever by Cedar Point's parent company, Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair is rolling out roughly $200 million in upgrades at its North American parks next year.

"Guest satisfaction ratings at our parks this season have been among our highest ever, validating that the investments we’ve made to improve the guest experience are paying off. Our capital plans for 2023 are aimed at taking those experiences to a new level," Cedar Fair President and CEO Richard A Zimmerman said in a statement.

Here's a look at what else is coming around the U.S.

• Carowinds: The North Carolina park will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year with the debut of Aeronautica Landing, its fourth rethemed area in recent years. Inspired by "the Carolinas’ spirit of aviation invention and exploration," Aeronautica Landing will include five new attractions and new dining options, including a restaurant with craft beer.

• Worlds of Fun: The Missouri park will celebrate its 50th anniversary with “50 Nights of Fire,” a new nighttime show with pyrotechnics and top tunes from the last half-century. Worlds of Fun will also unveil a reimagined version of one of its original roller coasters, The Zinger. The new Zambezi Zinger will be set in the African Serengeti.

• Knott's Berry Farm: Fiesta Village is getting a major overhaul to "further celebrate all the Hispanic cultural influences present in Southern California." The roller coaster Montezooma’s Revenge will be reimagined and renamed MonteZOOMa: The Forbidden Fortress. Knott's Berry Farm Hotel is also getting updates to common areas and a new outdoor banquet space.

• California's Great America: The Northern California park recently expanded and upgraded its All-American Corners area. Next year, "Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang (will) take over the entire park" in a new limited-time PEANUTS Celebration. Also, beginning in January, the park will be open on weekends all year.

A new roller coaster, Tundra Twister, is also planned for Cedar Fair's Ontario park, Canada's Wonderland.

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