May 01, 2024

Consumer Travel Trends: Here's Everything You Need to Know from Our Latest Research

The past few years have been a whirlwind for the travel industry, marked by unprecedented challenges, new travel trends, and a remarkable journey towards recovery and transformation. Yet, the human spirit’s desire to explore could only be contained for so long, and 2024 is shaping up to be a great year for travel.

To better understand the current state of the travel industry and latest travel trends, AnalyticsIQ’s Cognitive Sciences team lead a comprehensive study to better gauge how people are traveling and the modern travel-related behaviors we can expect to see. This blog post will delve into the key findings in their latest research report – Understanding Modern Travel Trends – and highlight the most important ‘need-to-knows’ for both travel brands and marketers alike. So, pack your sunnies and your curiosity, and let’s dive into what they found!

A Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Consumer Travel Trends

As we enter prime consumer travel season, the travel industry is poised for a significant rebound, with international and business travel expected to reach pre-pandemic levels. However, the landscape of travel has transformed in recent years, with a marked preference for affordable options, flexible booking policies, and an inclination towards sustainable and personalized travel experiences.

Who’s Traveling?

An overwhelming majority of US adults (78%) embark on journeys away from home at least once a year, signaling a robust appetite for travel. However, did you know that Millennials are traveling the most with nearly 3.5 trips taken per year with Gen Z following close behind? Boomers are traveling less than twice per year (perhaps they’ve already retired in paradise) while Gen X is taken just over 2.5 trips per year.

Who Is Traveling

Preferred Destinations

When it comes to choosing destinations, our research showed most travelers (95%) prefer exploring destinations within the domestic US, emphasizing a renewed appreciation for the beauty and diversity closer to home. The Northeast (31%) and Southeast (41%) regions of the US are particularly popular, offering a mix of historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural richness. For those venturing abroad, Canada and Mexico emerge as the leading choices (62%), highlighting the appeal of geographical proximity and cultural diversity.

Where Are They Traveling

Where Are They Traveling

Seeking Experiences Over Destinations

Today’s travelers are not just looking for places to visit – they are in pursuit of experiences that resonate with their personal interests and values. Culinary adventures top the list of favorite travel activities, followed by cultural and family-oriented experiences, indicating that food, culture, and connection continue to be central to the travel experience.


The activities that travelers prefer to engage in reveal much about the shifting paradigms of travel. Moreover, the growing interest in niche markets such as wellness retreats and adventure tourism speaks to the desire for unique and personalized travel experiences.

Travel Accommodations and Companions

Even in 2024, the social aspect of travel remains significant, with 74% of respondents preferring to travel with companions, and, according to our research, a vast majority of US adults do most of their traveling for personal reasons (92%). These preferences further highlight the importance of shared experiences and the value of creating memories with loved ones for many travelers – an important consideration for travel brands and marketers.

Accommodation preferences are telling as well, with a significant majority opting for hotels over peer-to-peer lodging options like Airbnb or VRBO. This preference is mirrored in the broader industry, pointing to a desire for the convenience, reliability, and amenities hotels offer.



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