August 22, 2018

Delta Teams Up with Roadie to Reunite Customers with Bags Faster than Ever

Delayed bags are a rare occurrence for Delta customers, but that hasnÕt stopped the global carrier from investing in innovative ways to more quickly and conveniently reunite owners with bags that donÕt quite make it to their destination.
Through its partnership with Atlanta-based startup Roadie Ñ the first Òon-the-wayÓ delivery service that connects businesses and people with nearby drivers to make local, regional, and long-haul deliveries Ñ Delta customers are receiving delayed bags faster than ever before.

In cities where Roadie delivery is available, baggage delivery times have dropped by 65% compared to traditional delivery services, and baggage service customer satisfaction scores have dramatically jumped.

Delta customers first began receiving delayed bags via the Roadie network starting in late 2015. Since then, the airline has expanded the partnership from 12 airports in 2016 to more than 50 by June of this year, including in Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and other major markets.

Delta passengers receive real-time status updates and can track their bag once it leaves the airport. Travelers leaving the airport can also pick up Roadie Gigs and make a few extra dollars by delivering luggage on their way home.

By tapping into unused space in passenger vehicles already on the road, Roadie provides faster, more efficient delivery for senders and rewards drivers on trips theyÕre already taking with cash and roadside benefits.

In addition to working with airlines, Roadie works with top retailers and grocers to provide them with a faster, more efficient, and more scalable solution for same-day and last-mile deliveries nationwide. With over 80,000 verified drivers, Roadie makes it possible for companies to ramp up service in new markets in weeks and to quickly scale up by adding employees, customers, and other nearby drivers to the platform. The company has delivered to more than 9,000 cities nationwide.

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