September 29, 2021

DFW Airport Tests Free ‘Fast Pass’ Program Allowing Travelers to Skip to Front of TSA Checkpoint

DFW Airport is testing a pilot program to let passengers skip to the front of the TSA checkpoint line.

The Fast Pass lets travelers go online and reserve a specific time to go through security. They still have to have scan their bags, and take off their shoes and belts, but it advances them past any long waits on busy days.

The Fast Pass is free, but only at the Terminal D, gate 18 checkpoint for now. There’s no end date on the trial and it’s possible it could be expanded to other checkpoints if it works.

The pass is part of a series of improvements at the airport to make the travel experience more hassle-free. Travelers can pre-book parking at discounted rates, check-in and pay for bags in advance, but the security wait can be unpredictable.

There are other programs that allow travelers to save time. For $85 and a background check, the TSA PreCheck will get passengers through and allow them to skip some protocols like removing shoes.

The DFW program recommends people just book a time slot online, up to seven days before their flight. Wednesday the site showed availability for most of the 15-minute time slots, into next week.

Up to 10 people can reserve a time period to advance to the front of the line.

The airport is offering a $5 food or retail incentive as well right now for those who use the program.

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