June 23, 2021

Dinner Is Ready

Dinner Is Ready

DOOR COUNTY, WISCONSIN - A throwback to the 1880s when Scandinavian settlers served large groups of workers, a traditional fish boil uses fresh, local ingredients to produce a simple, yet delicious meal. Now a tourist attraction and part of the Door County experience, a fish boil begins when the boil master boils salted water in a huge pot over an open flame. He explains each step while telling local stories to a hungry group of onlookers. Then, he adds potatoes and, later, onions. As they are cooked, locally-caught Lake Michigan whitefish go into the pot. Throwing kerosene on the fire, he signals dinner is ready as the flame reaches the sky, and the pot boils over leaving just the delicious ingredients. The fish, potatoes and onions are served with cole slaw, bread, melted butter, lemon wedges and freshly baked cherry pie.

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