February 22, 2023

EPIC Entertainment Group Predicts Top 5 Event and Festival Trends to Expect in 2023

With events and experiences once again on the rise since the COVID19 pandemic, the experience experts at EPIC Entertainment Group are closely tracking shifts and trends within the high-demand event industry. With a plethora of successful events over the last decade, including working with world-class brands such as Crayola, Hershey, and Hotel del Coronado in 2022, EPIC Entertainment Group continues to dominate the industry with one-of-a-kind experiences. The award-winning production company is pleased to release its predictions for the top five trends to expect in the themed entertainment, live events and festivals, and experiential marketing industry for 2023.

“Reflecting back on the 2022 event year, the industry remains competitive and the demand for immersive and unique experiences continues to grow,” said Steve Sheldon, Partner, EPIC Entertainment Group. “We pride ourselves on suggesting fresh, revolutionary ideas for our clients. This year, we predict experiences that are meaningful, sustainable, community driven, or tech-heavy will bring in the largest audiences and ticket sales.”

  1. Anything old is new:
    Vintage 80s and 90s are back! Activities, gaming, music, style, and activations that highlight the retro era are gaining popularity with all age groups and audiences. EPIC Entertainment Group predicts events that can properly execute electric colors, high energy environments, and classic treasures will capture the attention of all generations. Charity Hill and Steve Sheldon anticipate audiences all across the nation will see many more events with a nod to retro and vintage themes in 2023.

  2. Seeking a sense of community:
    EPIC Entertainment Group predicts that event-goers will continue to crave a sense of community and the ability to connect with other like-minded individuals. “We anticipate community centered events will thrive in 2023 through themed events, crowd favorite venues, and engaging experience types,” Charity Hill of EPIC Entertainment Group hints. “These styles of experiences provide great avenues for attendees in a fun setting – generating a communal feel as well as driving brand affinity.”

  3. Exclusivity and highly curated experiences:
    The award-winning company saw an uptick of specially curated experiences in 2022 and they predict 2023 will continue the momentum. Individualized installations and activations are more likely to draw crowds, while also ensuring each event attendee feels special. EPIC Entertainment Group predicts more brands and large-scale events will push the envelope even further on uniquely immersive and exclusive, personalized experiences in 2023.

  4. Sustainability and socially conscious decisions:
    Now more than ever, Gen Z is leading the charge on sustainability. EPIC Entertainment Group believes future event attendees will see more socially conscious decisions from brands. Hill shares, “In 2022, both event industry pros and attendees became more cognizant of the environmental impact of in-person events, such as food waste and travel-related carbon emissions. We at EPIC predict this trend will continue in 2023 with an increase of events that are socially conscious and sustainable.”

  5. Technology is trending:
    Live events and experiences are incorporating cutting-edge technology from interactive projection and displays, to augmented reality, to social media-worthy content that allows every attendee to serve as a micro-influencer. As investments in virtual and hybrid event platforms grow, EPIC Entertainment Group anticipates experiences implementing this innovative technology within events will flourish in 2023.

A multifaceted live production company, EPIC Entertainment Group, partners with world-class brands including Crayola, Hotel Del Coronado, NightGarden – Miami’s holiday light phenomenon, and manages daily operations for the world-renowned Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden – one of the top-rated gardens in the country according to USA Today.

Co-founded in 2016 by Charity Hill and Steve Sheldon, EPIC Entertainment Group is known as the mastermind behind some of the largest haunted attractions in the country, including Dark Horizon in Orlando, and Dark Harbor at the Legendary Queen Mary in Long Beach, California – and recently as partners with Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania for Dark Nights as well as Hush! Haunted Attraction in Detroit, Michigan.

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