November 13, 2019

Fantastic Tours & Travel Shares 4 Ways to Help Students Come to Trips Prepared

As an educator, there are a lot of steps you take to prepare for a class trip. You find the right student travel company, plan the trip, spearhead necessary fundraising efforts, and excite your students for the experience. But there's still one more important step to take before the trip begins: making sure your students are prepared.

Student tour planning agency, Fantastic Tours & Travel shares four ways to help students come to trips prepared.

Refer to the trip often. As the trip comes closer, refer to it often in your classroom. This not only keeps students engaged with classroom conversation, it builds excitement for the trip. It also gives students the chance to ask questions in advance.

Provide a detailed itinerary. Provide your students (and their parents) with as much detail about the trip as possible. Give a general overview of the trip and the educational objectives, and then dive into the details. Give as much detail as you can about the schedule of events, the purpose of each of the activities, and any contact information that parents should have. It's better to give more detail than less in this case -- it might even be helpful to suggest what kind of clothing and footwear students should wear so nothing is left to chance. There are even fun free itinerary tools online that can help make them fun and easy to use!

Tie trip objectives into the curriculum. To help students prepare for the educational aspect of the trip, begin implementing specific curriculum objectives that align with trip objectives. Some examples include:

  • Studying the history of the place you are visiting.
  • Give a before and after quiz based on the place you're visiting, so students can see how much they learned on the trip.
  • Watch a video that relates to the trip in some way.
  • Prepare students for what they will be doing on the trip by doing a verbal run-through of the trip.
  • Explore the destination's website if you are visiting one location, and for multi-day trips, preview all of the events online.

Consult an expert. For any questions on how to prepare your students for a trip, contact your dedicated account executive.

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