April 13, 2022

FOOD & WINE Spotlights the Next Great Food Cities in America

Editors Select the 11 Best Up-and-Coming Culinary Destinations to Visit Now, From Boise, Idaho to Biddeford, Maine

Dotdash Meredith's FOOD & WINE names the seven most exciting up-and-coming big American cities for food lovers right now and shines a light on four smaller urban locations that are making their mark with vibrant food and drink scenes.

FOOD & WINE Editor in Chief Hunter Lewis said, "We celebrate our picks for the 11 American cities with the most dynamic and emergent food cultures. Each met the criteria with their creativity, innovation, diversity, and deliciousness. It's an exciting time for food in our country, with places like Cincinnati, where a constellation of food entrepreneurs is spurring a renaissance (Who knew you could get both Lebanese-inspired chocolate-and-tahini cookies and Japanese-style coconut mochi doughnuts there?), and Tucson, where I recently ate my weight in tacos and filled a carry-on bag with Monsoon chocolate bars, pizza flour from Barrio Bread, and flour tortillas from Anita's Street Market to take home."

FOOD & WINE's Next Great Food Cities 2022

7 Most Exciting Up-and-Coming Big Cities for Food Lovers

  • Boise, Idaho
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Tucson, Arizona

4 Small Cities with Impressive Food Scenes Worth Checking Out

  • Biddeford, Maine
  • Bozeman, Montana
  • Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Greenville, South Carolina

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