December 03, 2022

Hallmark Channel is Hosting the World’s Largest Christmas Light Maze and Village

Here at TravelAwaits, we’re slightly obsessed with Hallmark Christmas movies and Christmas light displays, so imagine our excitement when we found out Hallmark was putting on its very own holiday light display! Enchant, presented by the Hallmark Channel, features a light maze, an ice skating trail, a Christmas market, festive treats, and more! There are plenty of photo ops throughout, including a chance to get your pic with the big man in red. Enchant is happening throughout December in a city near you. Here’s what to expect at this fabulous Hallmark holiday light display event.

Where Is Enchant?
I visited Enchant Nashville at First Horizon Park where the Nashville Sounds Triple-A baseball team plays, but several major cities from coast to coast are hosting Enchant:
  1. Nashville
  2. Dallas
  3. Scottsdale
  4. Las Vegas (two locations)
  5. Sacramento
  6. San Jose
  7. St. Petersburg
  8. Washington, D.C.
The Maze
Centered around a 100-foot tall Christmas tree, Enchant’s amazing illuminated labyrinth features lighted tunnels, ginormous displays, and lots of photo ops.

Scavenger Hunt
At each Enchant location, the maze has a story theme that centers around helping Santa save Christmas. At Enchant Nashville, we were given maze passports upon entry to the maze and told to scope out each of Santa’s nine reindeer. At Dallas, the goal is to help Eddie the Elf find eight toys. When you do come across one of these larger-than-life displays, you get a stamp on your Maze Passport. Once you’ve collected all your stamps, drop your maze passport off at the Hallmark Channel Holiday House to enter the sweepstakes for a chance to visit a Hallmark Channel movie set!

100-Foot-Tall Christmas Tree
The main attraction (no offense, Santa), is the 100-foot-tall Christmas tree at the center of the maze. Yes, it is as impressive as it sounds.

Photo Opportunities Galore
Enchant boasts numerous gorgeous holiday light displays, several of which make beautiful backdrops for photos. At Enchant Nashville, there’s a giant engagement ring in case anyone feels like popping the question. There is also a lighted golden sleigh you can sit in.

Kids’ Play Area
The maze at Enchant Nashville has an area with a light-up floor where kids can play. It also has high-top tables and chairs for parents to rest their weary bones as they keep an eye on their offspring.

Ice Skating Trail
Channel your inner Michelle Kwan on the ice skating trail — made with real ice! Ice skating is not included with admission and capacity is limited. If you are interested in renting some skates, be sure to select ice skating as an add-on when you purchase your tickets online. Before you lace up your skates, you’ll be asked to sign a waiver.

Meet Santa
Kids can get their pictures with ol’ Saint Nick himself at Santa’s Landing. We didn’t bring any kiddos along, so I’m not sure how much the Santa photo packages cost, but judging by the prices of everything else, my guess is not cheap. There is also an option to snap your own photos instead of paying for the professional ones.

The Christmas Village
Get everything from sweet treats to souvenirs in The Christmas Village. Set up like a Christmas market, the village has boutiques, artisan stalls, and more. At Enchant Nashville, there are caricature artists and live entertainment.

Hallmark Channel Holiday House
Hallmark fans should stop by the Hallmark Channel Holiday House to shop for souvenirs. They also have Hallmark Channel wine!

Holiday Treats
Right when we walked in, we saw people carrying around light-up drinks in light bulb-shaped souvenir cups, so of course we had to get one. My husband got one with the Hallmark signature cocktail for $22 and I got the mocktail version for $18. I can unequivocally say that it was not worth it. However, I also blew $17 on a loaded hot cocoa in a plastic Enchant souvenir mason jar mug and have no regrets.

Know Before You Go

I plugged the stadium into my GPS and parked in a nearby lot I was familiar with, but we had to do a lot of walking to get to the entrance. Check Guest Information to find out where to park, then head there instead.

The line to get in was SUPER long. We went on the first night it was open and some people reported standing in line for two hours. Spring for the VIP pass for an extra $25 so you can get in through the much shorter VIP line. It also gives you access to the VIP line for ice skating (for those with ice skating tickets), the maze, and to see Santa. Believe me, if you saw that entry line snaking around the block, you’d gladly hand over the 25 bucks to skip it.

Elf Guide
When you upgrade to VIP, you have the opportunity to book a private elf guide for a mere $250 for two hours. They’ll show you where the VIP line is, lead you through the Maze, take pictures of you, and give you the inside scoop on Enchant. If you’ve got the dough to blow, go for it, but I would say you can have a really lovely evening sans elves.

Arrive Early
Select an arrival time when you purchase tickets online and arrive at least 20 minutes early to wait in line. Allow at least two hours to stroll through the event — more if you plan on ice skating.

Bag Policies And More
Security would not let me through with my little backpack purse so I had to walk all the way back to the truck to put it up. Thankfully we didn’t have to get back in line! Check the venue’s bag policy by selecting your city, then go to Guest Information and click Visit Info to select Know Before You Go. Here, you can find helpful tips and info, including strollers, pet policies, prohibited items, and more.

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