December 19, 2018

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Breaking News: Recent analytics register a significant jump in click-thru rates (CTR) coming from the extreme Northern Hemisphere. It seems that Santa himself is using TRIPinfo to plan his upcoming excursion through the U.S.

Speculation is that Santa is one of the thousands using the siteÕs planning and booking tools for his group of elves. In fact, TRIPinfoÕs audience of Friends Group Planners grew to 40,000+ unique visitors per month in 2018. We appreciate Santa and all of TRIPinfo's users and look forward to offering new planning tools in the coming year.

This is Good News for TRIPinfo partners. Aside from potentially hosting this distinguished celebrity in their area, our partners should see continued growth in their CTR and impressions and decline in cost-per-click on their ROI report this month, as they have throughout 2018.

We will keep you posted on further developments. Until then, we wish you joy, peace and happiness throughout the season and 2019.

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