September 01, 2022

How Marketers Can Alleviate Data Privacy Concerns

Marketers prioritize consumers privacy, but understanding regulations and platforms can be a challenge

As marketers continue to face current and future data privacy crackdowns from government and tech platforms such as Google and Apple, a new study from Integral Ad Science with YouGov reveals consumer sentiment regarding the issue and what marketers can do to alleviate concerns.

Consumers are worried about sharing online data

The research found just half of consumers are confident about their data security when browsing online and 64% say they’re more careful than ever about data privacy. While 90% of consumers are aware that their online data is shared for advertising purposes, 68% are uncomfortable with the practice despite receiving more personalization.

Media experts lack data privacy expertise

Some 62% of media experts are prioritizing data privacy but around only half understand privacy issues related to browsers, mobile identifiers or regulations.

Additionally, 29% of media experts say their company has no plans on how to handle upcoming policy changes.

How marketers can address privacy concerns

Targeted ads spur 66% of consumers to visit a brand’s website. This finding suggests marketers should adopt contextual targeting to both deliver the relevant information consumers want while respecting privacy concerns, the report states.

Just 29% of media experts have implemented contextual targeting although 51% agree that media quality will become more important to ensure brands can reach the right audiences.

Contextual targeting is a solution also proposed by Vibrant Media CEO Doug Stevenson in this SmartBrief article. “By delivering ads that align contextually with a page’s content, brands are also often perceived by consumers as less obtrusive,” Stevenson explains.

Using first-party data to personalize ads and content is another privacy-forward approach. “In an era of increasing privacy regulations, having a consumer’s explicit permission to gather and store their data is increasingly valuable,” Stevenson writes.

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