September 14, 2022

Leisure and Hospitality Employment

While the overall U.S. jobs market has now surpassed pre-pandemic levels, the Leisure & Hospitality (L&H) industry still remains far behind in its recovery of lost, and desperately needed, jobs.

  • At 7.2%, L&H has a higher share of jobs still lost than any industry except for mining
  • With 1.2 million jobs still lost, L&H losses far exceed those of any other industry

This underscores how disproportionately the L&H sector was, and continues to be, impacted by the pandemic. The following slides analyze the latest trends in the L&H industry.

7.2% Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

Jobs Still Lost

Absolute Number

Accommodatio Is Furtherest Behind

Where It Should Have Been

Not Lack of Openings

Job Openings Rate of Growth

Share of Total Jobs

Job Quits Rate

Filling New Positions

L&H Average Wages

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