May 18, 2022

Meet Blooper

Pearl Harbor Historic Landmark Opens

ATLANTA, Georgia - Meet Blooper, the mascot for your Atlanta Braves! Created at the Braves fan fest in 2018, he is everything you could imagine in a mascot. With the previous mascot “Homer the Brave” entering retirement, fans used a special mascot making machine to create Blooper. He is big. He is fuzzy. He is funny. He is mischievous. He loves the Braves. And he DEFINITELY will make you laugh. Be sure to meet him during your next trip to Truist Park, where he will be for every home game.

Seen at a recent Braves-Cubs game, Blooper was 'helping' the physical trainers stretch the opposing players to get them ready for the game. Sometimes Blooper's 'help' isn't greatly appreciated. This was one of those times...

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