April 05, 2022

Motel 6 Unveils Top Pet-Friendly Road Trip Destinations Across the U.S.

Economy lodging brand teams up with BestPlaces to help pets experience the trips they deserve

Just in time for National Pet Day on April 11, Motel 6, proud sponsor of pets™, and BestPlaces have teamed up to help pet owners explore the country with their furry companions – many pets for the first time given the amount of time spent at home over the last two years.

Top pet-friendly road trip destinations across the U.S.

Through this partnership, Motel 6, the economy lodging brand where pets always stay free, and BestPlaces built a custom methodology that highlights the importance of enjoying the journey to travelers' final destinations. The method considers access to dog parks, greenspaces and hiking trails for furry friends to explore, proximity to pet stores and veterinarians, dog-friendly restaurants, patios in the area and more.

Based on these criteria, the top 10 pet-friendly cities across America are:

  1. Santa Monica, Calif.
  2. Rockville, Md.
  3. Santa Fe, N.M.
  4. Mount Pleasant, S.C.
  5. Newport, R.I.
  6. Gloucester, Mass.
  7. Richmond, Ky.
  8. Bend, Ore.
  9. Asheville, N.C.
  10. Charlottesville, Va.

"Pets are members of the family, so travelers are eager to bring them along for the ride as they explore the U.S. Thanks to BestPlaces, travelers can now feel confident bringing their pets on their journey," said Rob Palleschi, CEO of Motel 6. "From small towns to beachside escapes and everything in between, Motel 6 will be there to welcome your full family, including those on four legs, at no additional cost."

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