February 05, 2020

New Report: 2020 Ranking of the Most Valuable Airline Loyalty Programs Around the World

On Point Loyalty released its 2020 report on the Top 100 Most Valuable Airline Loyalty Programs. The top 20 most valuable airline loyalty programs are as follows:
2020 Top 20 most valuable airline loyalty programs by On Point Loyalty
On Point Loyalty's research examined public information on over 170 airlines around the world to determine an estimated value for each airline's loyalty program. Over 50 variables relating to the airline, loyalty program, credit card industry and local market dynamics were incorporated into On Point Loyalty's proprietary valuation algorithms. This updated report gives a unique view on the value generated by these somewhat opaque marketing businesses which are important ancillary revenue contributors for airlines.

On the publication of this new research, On Point Loyalty Managing Partner Evert de Boer said, "We are excited to share this report with the airline, investor and loyalty community to provide an updated view on the value of airline loyalty programs. This report once again confirms the tremendous value that is captured in the programs."

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