June 01, 2022

New Research: 97% of Honeymoon Plans Were Thwarted by the Pandemic, Leading to the Rise of the 'Mega-Moon'

Expedia survey reveals the top trends and destinations for post-pandemic honeymooners

New findings from Expedia® reveal that honeymoons are the next big thing poised for a post-pandemic glow-up. A recent study conducted by Expedia found that an astounding 97% of honeymoon plans were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, with nearly every couple forced to cancel, pare down or postpone their post-nuptial trips over the last two years. Now, with an estimated 4.7 million weddings expected to take place in 2022-20232, lovebirds are embracing a bigger and better way to honeymoon.

Top trends uncovered by the Expedia survey, which polled 1,500 couples, include:

  • Trips instead of toasters: 65% are more likely to add a honeymoon fund to their wedding registry, prompted by the pandemic to prioritize their once-in-a-lifetime trip over traditional registry items.
  • Mega-moons: More than half (53%) plan to spend more on their honeymoons than they originally budgeted and 59% are more interested now in going to a bucket list destination.
  • Duo-moons: 83% of those in a relationship are planning a "duo-moon" or multiple honeymoons, such as a quick trip immediately following the wedding and an extended trip later.
  • Redo-moons: 54% of married couples are not completely satisfied with the honeymoon they took during the pandemic and want a "do-over."

Honeymoon checklists include romance and relaxation

After the stress of postponed plans, many couples are looking forward to enjoying some R&R during their honeymoons. According to the survey, the most popular itinerary includes an all-inclusive resort (45%), romantic activities such as hot air balloon rides or sunset boat cruises (54%) and pampering (52%).

However, couples are split on the type of destination they desire, with beach and tropical destinations (19%) scarcely more popular than a multi-destination trip (18%), city escape (16%) or national park visit (15%).

The top sought-after honeymoons to take in 2022

Expedia polled couples on where they would most like to go for their post-pandemic honeymoon and the results were all over the map, in the best way possible.

  1. United Kingdom: A multi-city itinerary exploring Scotland and England by train
  2. Dubai: Straddle the line of beach and big city luxury
  3. Paris: Honeymoon in the most romantic place in the world
  4. Florida: A Florida honeymoon two ways in Palm Beach or Surfside, Miami
  5. Los Angeles: How to enjoy La La Land as newlyweds
  6. Spain: A fairytale honeymoon through Madrid and Seville
  7. Italy: La dolce vita in Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast
  8. St. Lucia: The clear waters, lush rainforests and Pitons are calling
  9. Iceland: Choose your own adventure exploring Iceland
  10. Maldives: Check private island living off the bucket list

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